Can't trigger rules with switch on/switch off when switch is in "Smart Control" mode?

It is just me, or do rules triggered by the switch turning on and off not work if the switch is in Smart Control mode? I’ve contacted Wyze support, but they want me to RMA the switch, which seems silly as everything else works (including triggering things with a double/triple tap) so this appears to be a software problem, not a hardware one.


I have same problem. This is definitely on the software side. Must have something to do with the way Wyze implemented the smart control mode. For some reason when in smart control mode the on/off is not reported.

I would love to setup rules that would set color/temperature and brightness base off time and still have the smart control. This would allow the brightness to be adjusted without turning the bulb on unless the switch turns it on.

I have a workaround that I am using for now. Instead of tacking weather the switch is on or off I trigger the rule off of one of the lights state (on/off) that the switch is turning on/off.

It seems to add a bit of lag but it does work.

Good thought, although that only works if you have a device that can be directly controlled by the switch such as a light bulb, and you’re not just trying to use it to control a floodlight, light socket, or etc.

Yes, it would work for any device that has a device trigger on/off. The plugs (indoor and outdoor) and bulbs all have this. Unfortunately thats the only devices I have to test with. I do not have a light socket or flood light.