Wyze Switch - Control Floodlight

Please allow control of Floodlight from the single press of Wyze Switch under “Smart Control”.

While you are waiting, try this! (substitute “Turn on Floodlight” for action):


The Wyze floodlight needs to be smarter. I had hoped there was a way to activate and deactivate the floodlight using a Wyze switch. The option is there to operate Wyze bulbs using the switch while not actually turning off power to the bulbs. It needs more seemless i tegration.


Can we have input from a Wyze member about this matter? Will this be added to the device/app soon?

I was shocked to see that I can’t add the BR30 bulb to the Wyze Switch using Smart Control. Creating rules is a lengthy workaround and doesn’t fully allow for double or triple presses.

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The lack of floodlight control via switch or via Google Home is the only reason I haven’t replaced all three of my floodlights with these. Common guys…


Wyze Switch disables floodlight motion sensor

Is it possible to have the Wyze Switch easily control the floodlight without disabling motion detection after manually turning off the light?

This was my first thought too - but sadly… it just doesnt work. Youll setup the rule correctly, turn on the switch - and nothing happens. Minutes later, still no change. Just a bug in the rule/automation system i guess. Sad it doesnt work though, and even sadder that the devs didnt build this functionailty in directly. Agter all, its a light switch.