Wyze Switch - Control Floodlight

Please allow control of Floodlight from the single press of Wyze Switch under “Smart Control”.

While you are waiting, try this! (substitute “Turn on Floodlight” for action):


The Wyze floodlight needs to be smarter. I had hoped there was a way to activate and deactivate the floodlight using a Wyze switch. The option is there to operate Wyze bulbs using the switch while not actually turning off power to the bulbs. It needs more seemless i tegration.


Can we have input from a Wyze member about this matter? Will this be added to the device/app soon?

I was shocked to see that I can’t add the BR30 bulb to the Wyze Switch using Smart Control. Creating rules is a lengthy workaround and doesn’t fully allow for double or triple presses.

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The lack of floodlight control via switch or via Google Home is the only reason I haven’t replaced all three of my floodlights with these. Common guys…

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