Wyze floodlight with wyze switch: floodlight won't stay on after 3 seconds

The smart switch works the same as a dumb light switch: it turns on the wyze floodlight, but the light powers off after a few seconds. Any ideas?

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Couple of questions if you don’t mind for clarity
You have a Wyze Smart Switch connected to the the receptacle controlling the power to the Wyze Flood light?

Do you have any rules setup for this type of control?

When you turn the switch off do you still have access to the Camera on the Floodlight?
I would suspect when you toggle the power the whole device loses power unless you are using rules?

And the few seconds of light is just the device powering up?

But all of the above is speculation, not knowing how you have the Floodlight setup with the Smart Switch. With some more detail and what you are wanting to achieve I will do my best to assist.


Thanks for your reply.

It is a wyze smart switch connected to the receptacle controlling power to the wyze floodlight.

There are no rules.

If I turn the switch off, the device loses power.

Not sure what “light is just the device powering up?” means.

It means when you turn the power on the light is coming on for a few seconds to indicate the device has power restored to it, then the light returns to however you have the settings set. i.e turn on for 15 seconds at dark when motion detected.

I don’t want to assume your use case for the product, but, the cameras are designed to have constant power, and the floodlight is an accessory attachment that has a lot of features and capabilities that are lost by removing constant power.

Are you wanting the light and camera to only come on when you provide power?

There are some alternative settings and rules you could deploy that allow you to keep the camera on at all times and use the double and triple tap on the switch to turn the floodlight on and off.

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Thanks - the double tap worked to turn the floodlight on. Settings are:
1 - Single Press → classic control (control fixtures with regular bulbs only)
2 - Additional Controls → double press. Action: turn on floodlight.

Problem: how to turn off the floodlight and leave the camera on. With the above settings, the only way to turn off the floodlight is with a single press of the switch. Unfortunately, that also turns off the camera too.

Yesterday, I mucked around with Single Press → Smart Control → control the floodlight/cam. Can’t remember what I did, but the result was the camera wouldn’t connect until I reset it by throwing the breaker in the electrical box. Yikes.

So, what I want is:

  • camera always on
  • double tap switch → turns floodlight on
  • some unknown switch setting that turns floodlight off

Thanks for any help

Thanks for the additional information. Here are my suggestions.

1. Camera Always on. This can only be achieved today by keeping the Wyze Smart Switch in the “On Position”. A feature that I would like to see for the Wyze Smart Switch is an Always on function or Lock Function for the Single Press. (There is an active wishlist item for it, give it a vote!)
But for now you need to set the switch to be in Classic Mode and not turn the switch off manually, just leave it on.

2. Double Tap turns on light. I believe you have achieved this if I am reading the above correctly.

3. Some unknown switch setting that turns floodlight off This can be done with the triple or press and hold. I would suggest press and hold to turn off the flood light. From additional controls create a similar rule as below.

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Thanks - that works perfectly. It is odd the switch does not have a Lock or Always on function. (I voted for the Always on, Lock Function.)

One more newbie question: I had to use bluetooth on the tablet in order to set up the switch. Can I now turn bluetooth off on the tablet?

You are Welcome. Happy you got it all sorted out!

Excellent. I hadn’t thought about this capability until our discussion and thought a “lock down” would be super helpful in this case. Hit the wishlist and there it was. Really surprised it doesn’t have more votes. I may need to drum up some voters :smiley:

You can, switch will be controlled via app and WiFi.

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Thanks again!

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