Does Wyze Switch work with flood light

Does anyone know if the Wyze switch can control the Wyze Floodlight?


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Yes it does!:slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thank you👍🏻

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The simple answer is yes, but how are you going to be using the switch with the flood light?

To have the smart features of the flood lights and the attached camera work, it needs constant power and it can’t be turned off at the switch. The switch has a smart features which can be used to control the smart features of the floodlight, but again the flood light needs to be powered on for those to work.

Can you provide more information about your use case and how you want to integrate the switch and the flood light for a better answer to your question.


So the flood light is connected to constant power. Basically we want to toggle the floodlight “light” on/off with the switch versus having to toggle via the app.




I have to retract my statement @asouders

The switch works with the floodlight but their are some limitations.

So on the wyze switch you can set up additional controls

that basically means you can add more press controls to control things . It gives you the option to connect the switch to the floodlight

BUT, the floodlight does not stay permanently ON for however you need it to. I spoke too soon bc I knew you could do this but didn’t test it out prior to speaking too soon

I added this control and the switch turned on the floodlight BUT the floodlights turned off less than a minute after .

I tried thinking of another way as well, i set up a short cut rule in the app to turn on the floodlight and it did turn on the floodlight but again it turned off after a minute by itself

So it seems to me that the floodlight is limited to only 1 minute if you use a short cut rule or a wyze switch automation.

The reason why is because on the floodlight when you’re on the live view you get a floodlight icon that lets you turn on and off the floodlight BUT it’s limited to only 1 minute . So when I set up a short cut rule and a wyze switch automation it uses the same method as if you were turning it on by clicking on the floodlight icon on the live view of the camera

This really sucks , I would’ve thought that both
the rule or the switch automation would keep the floodlights ON completely .

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The only way I can think of that you can turn on the floodlight to make sure it stays on permanently is opening the live view of the floodlight camera > settings > accessories> floodlight and then you’re at the floodlight settings screen so you toggle ON the floodlight and then the floodlight stays ON and won’t turn off until you toggle it OFF.

What were you trying to accomplish with the switch and the floodlight . Bc I think this is what you were trying to do right ?

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Thank you so much for testing this so in-depth. It would be nice if the light stayed on longer than a minute.

Maybe Wyze will consider an upgrade to the firmware to fix this issue. This being a “security” type device it would help to be able to keep the light on for as long as I need since it pretty much the only light in that part our back yard.

Thank you again,


After digging deeper into the settings. If you leave the floodlight motion setting to auto, you can set the timer a max of 15 minutes. That caused it to stay on for the full 15 minutes when toggled on from the icon in live stream screen.

Maybe it will also affect the functionality from the switch.

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Yes . But that’s only for when the pir sensor has detected motion by the pir sensor

The floodlights will stay on for 15 minutes when motions been detected by the pir sensor

If you turn on the floodlight bc clicking on the floodlight icon on the live view of the camera it stays on less than a minute , you say you turned on the floodlight by clicking on the floodlight icon .

The floodlights stayed on for 15 minutes when you clicked on the floodlight icon on the live view of the camera…?

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Would also love it if wyze let us control these lights with google or alexa assistant. Smh. Is wyze gonna survive the new upgrades all home automation companies are getting? Need to know before diving deep into wyze.

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