Turning flood lights on and off

I’d like to install one of the flood light camera combos in my back yard. I want to be able to turn the light on and off manually when we are in the yard at night, but have motion sensor control when we wanta security light. Ideally the camera would run continuously regardless of if the light is on, off, or in motion-detect mode. Possible?

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Yes. But, some clarification is needed.

How do you envision “manually” turning them on & off? By a physical light switch, in the Wyze App, using Google Home, Alexa, smart switch, or smart button?

Using a physical switch to turn only the floodlights on or off will not work. The lights and the cam are wired to the same single circuit. If the switch goes off, both go off. If the switch goes on, the cam turns on and the floodlight motion activation behavior starts.

Both the Floodlight and Floodlight Pro lights can be switched on within the Wyze App and still leave the cam running. When the lights are turned off, the motion activation continues.

The Wyze Floodlight is an accessory to the V3 cam that is mounted on it. Being able to control the floodlight from Alexa or Google Home is problematic since only the cam shows up in the Alexa or Google Home device list and not the accessory. The Floodlight Pro, on the other hand, does have Floodlight on\off and brightness controls in Alexa and can be turned on for X minutes or turned off after X minutes using voice commands or routines. The cam continues to operate while the lights are on and returns to motion activation when turned off. I have not yet been successful in getting Google Home to control the lights on the Floodlight Pro.

Both the Floodlight and the Floodlight Pro lights can be controlled using the Smart Switch feature of the Wyze Smart Switch and thru Wyze Rules. Other brands of Smart Switches and Smart Buttons, however, will depend on their Google Home\Alexa compatibility. :point_up:

I can’t find any way to control the floodlight pro lights from Alexa. It’s only showing up as a camera so far. Is there something I need to do to enable that? The integration of the lights is one of the main reasons I bought this system.

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Replied to your other post in a related thread with details on Alexa control.of the Floodlight Pro:

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Thank you! I will give that a try. I’m surprised they don’t show up as a “light”.

Yeah, that would make sense. But I will take the fact that the lights are there at all as a win.

Is it possible to set this up as a shortcut? Specifically for the non-Pro version. And is it be possible to control the shortcut from Alexa?

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Specifically for the Floodlight V1 (non-pro)… You can create a shortcut rule within the Wyze App to turn the Floodlights on and another for off. The Floodlight Actions will be listed with the Action list for the V3 cam that is mounted on it.

Alexa cannot access, control, or trigger any Wyze Rule so it can’t control the Shortcut Rules you create. Even Wyze Rules can’t trigger other Wyze Rules. And, because the Floodlights are an accessory to the V3 that is mounted on it, I don’t think that Alexa can turn on the floodlights directly either. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

When I have a Wyze Device that Alexa can’t control, I use an intermediary relay device. My go-to is a Wyze Plug. Alexa Voice Commands and Routines can turn the Wyze Plug on\off while Wyze Trigger\Action Rules can turn the Floodlights on\off when the Wyze Plug is turned on\off.

Thanks for your reply. The shortcut will get me 75% there. Didn’t like to thought of going 3-4 clicks in to manually turn the light on. Will pick up a smart plug if voice control via Alexa is really needed. (Cheap enough but I have a mental block about it since we are committed to a different brand for smart switches/plugs.)

A question on the ‘turn off’ shortcut? Possible to put it back on ‘Auto’ instead of ‘off’? Appreciate your help – I am doing some research before buying it so I am not able to investigate it on my own.

When turning the floodlight on and off via a rule, it should not affect the Auto setting. Upon using the shortcut rule to turn it on and then off, it should stay in the Auto mode and return to auto detect sensing and switching.

I’ve created a rule to do this now, but it would be nice to have this built in to the floodlights “menu” in the app (next to the siren button). This would make it easier for users who don’t use rules.

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Thanks. I created rules to do this as well. There is a flood light on/off icon next to the night vision on/off icon above the live stream once you clicked into the fixture In the latest version of Wyze app. I prefer the location of the rules, one level higher in the app, to avoid the extra click.

Oh thanks! I had tried clicking on that icon previously and nothing happened, but I just tried it now and that worked.