Flood Light Control via Wyze Switch

I have the flood light wired on the output of the wyze switch.

If I lost power, how do I make sure the wyze switch turns the power on? So the floodlight turns on…

Can the single press be setup to toggle on/off the light on the floodlight?

Instead of having single press turn on the light and double button press turn off the light?

Any other suggestions on how best to use this setup?

I am not sure about this. I see no power recovery mode, but if memory serves me, the times I have removed power from the switch it defaulted to on… I will see if I can find more info or test, and someone may chime in before I do find it. But if default to on or last status, power would resume.

EDIT: The switch returns to the setting it was at after power loss per the product page, image below is linked to the reference.

No, Single press will only work as a Classic ON/OFF or Smart Control with the Wyze Bulb. You would essentially be removing all power from the Floodlight.

You could use Double/Triple press on the Switch to turn the Floodlight on and off with Rules. **Keep in mind since you are triggering the Floodlight from a different action the floodlight will not follow the motion or PIR clear trigger to turn the Floodlight off.

Create a Shortcut Rule in the Wyze App to Turn the Floodlight on and Off