"Dummy" or direct control wall switch for the Wyze Lamp Socket

My biggest complaint about the Wyze Lamp Socket?

When my kids hit the light switch, it cuts power to the Lamp Socket and the camera loses power.

Solution? A wall switch that does not switch the power for the circuit and instead sends an on or off command directly to the Lamp Socket.

That’s all. I am making this easy. You guys should be able to lay this egg over the weekend.

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Does it work like that with the Wyze lamp socket?
Solves part of my problem – it’s a 3 way circuit.

Yeah, the Wyze switch isn’t for a 3-way, though many have asked for that.

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@IzzyBiz Would this solve this issue?

If so, let us know and we can merge this topic to that one.

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The current Wyze Switch can accomplish the goal, but it is single-pole only.

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  1. i need this functionality on a 3 WAY circuit
  2. the wyze switch is cheaply designed with thick plastic tabs so it will not fit in a 2 gang box easily.
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In other words, it cannot accomplish anything. one cannot use a single pole switch in a 3 way.

The Wyze Switch accomplishes many things, but it is single pole single throw. If you require a 3-way switch, please comment on and/or vote for the existing 3-way switch topic and I’ll close this topic out.


BTW… a single pole double throw switch (SPDT) is a 3-way switch. The Wyze Switch is a single pole single throw switch (SPST).

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I really want this feature as well!

I contacted WYZE support and they stated that the current WYZE switch does not have this functionality. Even though it is a smart switch, clicking the physical button down will shut off power to the load wire and thus it will still kill the power not only to the light bulb, but to the WYZE lamp socket and WYZE cam. If WYZE could simply reprogram the WYZE switch to have a setting where we can make the physical up or down press only turn the light bulb on or off and not kill all the power to the load wire, that would be the perfect solution. Mine is on a single pole switch, so this programming change would make my situation functional again.

FYI, this was the e-mail I got from WYZE support:


I hope everything went well with you today. I am Renfred from Wyze Wizards Team. I understand that you want to let the renters be able to turn off the exterior light fixture without using the Wyze app but also without killing the power to the Wyze Lamp Socket and Wyze Cam v3. I’d be more than happy to assist you with your concern.

As of this moment, we don’t have an option to let the other non-Wyze members turn off or on the Wyze Lamp Socket without using the Wyze App.

I’ll let our product team know, but the best way to get ideas on our official Wishlist is through our forums where users can post and vote for feature requests. Our product team provides public updates as ideas and requests are reviewed. Take a look and post your idea or vote for similar ones so we have better visibility.

You can visit the Wishlist here: Wishlist - Wyze Forum

If you have any further questions or clarifications please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Have a great day ahead and don’t let the cold catch you.

Thanks again!
Renfred | Wyze Wizard

Put your Wyze switch to “Smart” mode, this will cause it to just toggle the devices you set, but keep power in the sockets.

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That’s true. The problem (this wishlist topic) is that you can’t assign an action to a single-press even with Smart Control. You also can’t assign Lamp Socket to single-press.

The only current options for this topic’s use case are:

  • Use Smart Control (prevents cutting power to Lamp Socket on the load circuit), assign single-press to some valid device other than Lamp Socket’s associated Cam v3, assign Turn Lamp Socket On to Switch’s Additional Controls (e.g., double-press), train kids to use double-press.

  • Use Smart Control, assign single-press to Wyze bulb installed in Lamp Socket, turn Lamp Socket Control to Off, turn bulb on via bulb icon on v3 live stream screen, set bulb’s Power Loss Recovery to Turn Light On. This should work, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a bug exists somewhere in that chain. It also contains too many points of failure.

OP’s request is twofold: to be able to assign Lamp Socket to single-press (Smart Control) and also send on/off command to socket vs on/off power to socket. The latter half could be achieved by sending the on/off command to the associated Cam v3 to pass to Lamp Socket.

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Oh I see, so the lamp socket is not an option for single press like the bulb is. Makes sense.

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+1 for having lamp socket toggle available as a wyze switch single press option.


Allow Wyze Switch to control Lamp Socket only and not the camera

Please allow the Wyze Switch to control the bulb only on the lamp socket and not shut off the camera

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Control Attached Lights With Wyze Switch

I have lamp sockets attached to my Wyze switch. I’d like to be able to single press to turn on the lights. I tried making a rule, but that didn’t work. Best I could do was set two separate multi-press rules to turn on and off respectively. I also have a floodlight and would like to be able to set the single press to toggle the light and not the camera.

As a side note it would also be nice to be able to have the multi-press toggle on/off instead of one or the other.

[Mod Note]: Your request was merged to this topic for consistency in grouping similar requests. Please remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button. You may also wish to comment on and/or vote for Wyze Switch - Control Floodlight.

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Any chance of a stand-alone remote switch or button to control the outdoor lamp camera socket? I don’t even care if it’s battery powered, just something to create a rule that turns the lamp on or off without having to use the app.


I would like to see options under the single press so you could control a Plug instead of a Bulb.

Adding the Wyze Plug to the Lamp Socket’s Accessories List would greatly expand the socket’s capabilities.

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Wyze Switch and Lamp Sockets control porch lights like the old switch did

Feature request for Wyze Switch to single press toggle Lamp Socket power adapter on/off

Allow the combination of Wyze Switch and Lamp Sockets to control the porch lights just like the switch used to, before we added the lamp sockets to power the V3 cameras!

-It’s a no brainer to combine the two products, Avoids having to tape a switch permanently in the ON position which the pet sitter peels and shuts off anyways.

-We can already leave Wyze Switch in “smart mode” without any devices added so that it doesn’t turn any device on or off and power is always on to the lamp sockets/V3 cameras

-Current janky workaround to toggle porch lights: if I want to program the Wyze Switch to turn Lamp Socket on or off, I have to go into Advanced Features and do one action as a double tap (i.e lamp socket ON) and the other as a triple tap or press and hold (i.e. lamp socket off).

-Would be so much easier to have Wyze Switch toggle the associated lamp sockets on and off with a single press, the way our porch lights USED to work before we added the lamp sockets and cameras.

Thanks for listening!