Wyze Smart Button

Wyze Button similar to Flic or Logitech Pop. Another way to think of it would be like a physical Rules trigger. For example, you could put one near (or even on) your garage door opener button. When you leave the house, pressing it will turn motion detection on (or whatever trigger you set up with Rules). Press it again when you come home to disable motion detection.

Edit: I suggested this before Wyze had Rules. Updated to say Rules instead of IFTTT.

Geofencing security


Geofencing would certainly work for that application, but a button could be used for so many more things. It would basically be a physical version of the Button Widget in the IFTTT app.

The possibilities are endless. Literally any trigger in the IFTTT app could be tied to the button press. You could use one to keep a tally of every time you do something in a day by writing to a Google Sheet. Or use one to find a lost phone by sticking the button somewhere (so it can’t move) and triggering Phone Call in the IFTTT app with it.


I agree a button would be good. If you are comfortable with a little soldering you could pop open the Wyze Sensor and remove the reed switch then solder on your own button. Obviously not as clean of a solution as if you just took it out of the box.


Thanks for the info Lacklan6. I’ll check out using one of my sensors, if I’m feeling lucky one day.

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I have noticed that many people are installing these wyze devices at their elderly parents home. I would like to have a wearable button as well as a table and wall mounted “panic button” tied into the Wyze eco system as I prepare to install additional number of Wyzecam and sensors for my mother’s home.

It would be a popular item for Mother’s, Father’s and Christmas for the Baby Boomers in approaching their 80’s



I do agree however it would only work inside the house which for some cases is enough but for others it isn’t. Also depending on the house it may not have the range to cover the whole house. The devices connect to one bridge and don’t know how to hand off to other bridges. They are cheap enough that you could just place a bunch all over in problem areas. Couple in the bathroom one on their nightstand. You could throw dozens all over the place and still be cheaper then other solutions. I used to sell a medical device for $300 and it was the cheapest solution on the market. If you read my comment above you may want to try your hand and making your own out of the sensor if you really need it.

Mahalo Lachlan6 for your reply.

I had the same thought about modifying the contact sensor, what I don’t have an attractive button housing that could be placed on a wall or as a jewelry piece.

Most technical people like myself would select function over appearance, however, the target audience, my mother, who selects items by appearance – would not have it. Example, she selected the interior car color by what would match her wardrobe, because when she enters or exits her Lexus, it must not clash. This is the Baby Boomer Generation.

if you know of such refined appearing button housing items that I could use to hold the contact sensor’s internals, please let me know. All I could find were items that looked-like car/garage door remotes or the “Easy Button.”

Aloha 'e,

Yeah I agree a hacked solution would never look as good as what Wyze could do themselves. That is why they should do it. It seems like such low hanging fruit with the button, water sensor and anything else that would easily complete a circuit they would multiply their product line quickly.

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Would like to see on off sense buttons to have by the bedside to turn on and off lights or record camera for face access and safety.


Would like to see a button about the size of the sense motion. To be able to create short cuts to program button to turn on/off wyze lights or plugs. Or to turn on multiple items like outside lights or a wyze cam for security. Or to program to set a scene to wake up or to go to bed or leave the house.
Short cuts would need to be more usable.
Buttons need to be smart enough to know if the item it is running is on of off so the the same button can turn on or off with each click.
Multiple buttons are the best.
People like me don’t want to wake up their phone, open the Wyze app then find the item to turn on or off. I also don’t like telling Google or Alexia to do do something. Buttons are the fast way to interface with lights and plugs.


It sounds like you are talking about a physical button. But if a virtual button will suffice, you can do this with the IFTTT button widget. When you tap the button, the associated IFTTT action is invoked.

To replace a physical button, you would have to install the IFTTT app on an Android or Apple mobile device and leave it running with no screen timeout (and maybe attached to a wall or something).

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Yep, talking about a physical button. There are situations where a quick press of a physical button on a wall would be more convenient than a button widget on my phone (and certainly more cost effective than mounting an iPod touch to a wall).


Would be great for turning on/off WYZE bulb without a smart phone or tablet.


I do this now with IFTTT virtual buttons on my iPhone. No need to log on or use password. Just swipe right and mash on button.

Some folks might use a physical button to turn on cameras when they leave and turn off cameras when they come home … like the old fashion alarm company consoles … I wouldn’t. My phone and virtual button are with me at all times so I never have to walk over to a physical button if I come in or out of another door.

And if you are using a physical button to turn on the new WYZE bulbs … I am not sure I see the difference between pushing a button … and hitting the old switch on the wall … to turn on lights.

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I would LOVE a button and would purchase many.

Having the option to talk to your lights OR hit a button is a huge convenience and in my opinion its the biggest downside to smart bulbs. Especially when you are entertaining company or are going in and out of rooms often.


I would like a small as possible and low cost button module connected to the sense bridge, like $5/pc, functionally like the contact sensors, but are simply a push button. I could use different buttons to do different things. Arm the alerts on my way out the door. Use it to toggle camera on/off. Allow a visitor without the app to turn off the camera.

While it would be nice to have a multi-color LED as feedback as to which state you just caused, I’m guessing you probably only have a tx radio on the sense devices and don’t have a mechanism to receive such feedback.

Alternatively, you could just have a switch/toggle that has two mechanical positions


I like the idea of a guest being able to turn off a camera. My office doubles as a guest room, and I have a camera in there. It would be nice for the guest to be able to turn off the camera and know it’s off with LED feedback rather than me having to unplug the camera entirely to ensure privacy.

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I would love to see Wyze build a simple programmable button like the SmartThings button/temp sensor. This button should be able to trigger actions such as turning the lights on/off, dimming the lights, disabling camera functions, etc., using one, two, three click or long press actions. It’s nice to have voice commands via Google but when I have guests over it’s always better to have a physical button for them to press.


Would love to see Wyze Button. Life would be so much simpler with the buttons.Flic has it limitations so would like to use Wyze. Wyze IFTTT response time is quite good making the buttons very usable and functional.