Turn a V2 Contact Sensor into a universal Smart Switch with a 3D Printed Bracket

Recently, I DM’d my favorite etsy seller (ideaxtruder AKA forum member @lachlan6 ) and asked him if he would design a switch bracket that would turn Wyze V2 Contact Sensors into Universal Smart Switches that I could mount ANYWHERE and be able to control various smart devices, either through Wyze directly, or even other brands’ devices through 3rd party integrations like Alexa/IFTTT, etc. He went through a bunch of protyping and modifications and came up with a design that I love. Here’s the etsy listing for it:

To be clear, I have no prior/outside connection to lachlan6 outside of the forums and as one of his customers on Etsy. I also paid full price for every single one of these brackets that I got from him. This whole review and recommendation is 100% genuine. He did not bribe me to post this :rofl: but rather I’m posting about it because I think other people will love these as much as I do since Wyze changed their Smart Button wishlist status from “in progress” back to “Maybe Later” now, and I really needed a smart switch/button. And if I hadn’t known about these, I would’ve wanted someone else to post something like this to let me know they’re available because they fit a need I’ve had and wanted for a while.

I love them. They let me turn any contact sensor into a smart light switch or to do any other triggered automation thing I want (even with other devices through 3rd party integrations) and be able to place smart switches anywhere I want even if there is no wiring. Examples of things they can be used for:

  • Replacing the use of light switches that would cut power to your smart bulbs so that smart bulbs can continue to work with automation rules and yet also still work with a switch function to turn them on or off through these.
  • Adding light switches to new locations where you couldn’t have them before, including on your bed headboard so you don’t have to get out of bed, or go through several steps on your phone, or at the other end of a hallway that didn’t have a switch (or right outside a room), next to a chair, etc.
  • Turning a single or double switch into a multi-switch system
  • Having different things happen during different schedules, like maybe making the lights 100% brightness and cool colors during the day and dimmer with a warmer temperature color when you turn it on at night.
  • Turning on or off a floodlight on a floodlight camera without turning the camera on or off like the wired switch will do to it when it cuts the power to the device entirely.
  • Turning on or off all or certain cameras that you might not want on all the time, such as some indoor cameras.
  • Turning on or off smart plugs from any location it is placed (countless uses for this).
  • Use different switches to do different colors or other things with lightstrips, bulbs, groups, etc.
  • You can use it to make Alexa do or say different things using other devices not even related to Wyze (or IFTTT, or other integrations).
    • Example: You can keep a switch near a certain place in the kitchen or dining room, and when flipped on or off between the hours of X-X it will make specific Alexa speakers announce “dinner is ready” or whatever else you program it to do.
    • Make a switch that you trigger to make Alexa say/do something that will embarrass your teenager when they have friends over. j/k
  • Control my air purifiers (wyze has limited actions of auto/sleep/off/led/status; but Alexa will let you control the exact speed of min, med, max, turbo, as well as sleep/auto/off…so I use it turn the nearby air purifier on turbo when I’m about to change the toddlers’ diapers :rofl: works great!)
  • I have one of these set to easily and quickly silence any and all sirens from cameras that may go off for various reasons (leak detections, HMS alarm, etc).

Possibilities are endless. I’m sure others of you will come up with some really great ideas by turning any contact sensor into a smart switch that can be placed anywhere, wirelessly. I love it so far. And the seller, ideaxtruder is actually an awesome guy (he didn’t pay me to say that either :joy: ). If you have concerns or anything, just contact him. He’s very personable and reasonable IMO. I was hoping Wyze would make a smart switch/button, but since they’ve said it’s no longer on their roadmap, I am really glad that a good alternative exists for us with these.

Let me know if you think up some other good use-case ideas that something like this can be useful for.


Thanks for the post @carverofchoice!

I just ordered mine!

Ideaextruder gonna be BUSY!


Very cool! Thank you for the heads-up! thumbsup Going to order some…