Using WYZE Sense sensors as switches!

I found a seller on Etsy who 3D prints switch brackets for the WYZE Sensors and Motion detectors!!! I have purchased a few and they are perfect! I bought the first generation switch and now the 2nd generation switch and they are great! I also bought the “garage door” bracket which I also use as a switch! The seller is: wyzeprints. I use the WYZE Sense sensors and I build a routine, in the Alexa App, when the switches are open, so these switch brackets actually operate as switches! I have them on my night stand and my head board! This way I don’t have to invoke “Alexa” when I want to do something at night and wake up the Mrs! They are awesome and the brackets fit the WYZE Sensors perfectly! If you are looking to create “switches” so you don’t have to wake up Alexa, or your spouse, I highly recommend these brackets!