Wyze Sense light switch 3D print

Looking for someone who designs and 3D prints parts. I am looking to get a light switch like: Frankenstein Light Switch Plate by LoboCNC - Thingiverse but instead of switching an existing light switch it has slots for a wyze sense kit that can mount on the wall next to existing switches so I can control wyze bulbs.


Interesting. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to design a “slider” style plate that would allow you to slide the two pieces of a contact sensor together or apart. I don’t have a lot of experience with CAD but I can think of a few ways it could be designed.

I have thought about using a hinge and just flipping it open/closed as I’ve seen some people do on their garage doors. it would be super simple but would rather have a switch style if someone can pull it off.

I have a plan for one just haven’t had time to do it. I was going to use a compliant mechanism. Using the magnet housed in the switch with a sensor far enough behind it to get triggered when it is flipped. The hard part there would be if something else interferes with the magnetic field. It might be more reliable if I keep them close but block the magnetic field with some lead or something.

You could also just solder off the magnetic reed switch and wire the 2 sides to a standard switch

That’s pretty cool I like it :+1::smile:

I like it. I’ll see if I can tinker up a model.

You can always use a different magnet than the one that comes with the wyze. The off position could simply null the magnetic field by bringing 2 magnets opposing faces close to each other, where the on position takes one of the magnets away, thus strengthening the field, and enabling the wyze sense’s reed switch.

Otherwise, you could just use a smaller magnet, so that the switch is only active when the magnet is very close.