My Wyze Smart-ish Lock a Printed Approach

Hello, People.
Earlier, I submitted a post about modifying the sending unit of a contact sensor by moving its reed switch to an external one. The modified reed switch is inserted into a small hole drilled into a wall of a door frame to be activated by a magnetized deadbolt. This earlier version was very time-consuming to build. This post describes how to use a 3D printed holder to reduce much of the tedious work. The 3D print was obtained from lachlan6 through Esty, it is called “Wyze Doorlock Bracket”. Below is a link to my STL file, no charge:
Contact Sending Unit Enclosure 102-20.stl

This first photo below shows the general object of this approach.

This first group of pictures shows start preparations. In picture one I had the holder printed through This was before I knew about free library printing. The free link above is for the holder shown here.

These four pictures show the removal of the circuit board and drilling the wire exit slot.

These four pictures show circuit board work and placement of the reed switch at end of the leads,

These last four pictures show the finishing work.

Victor Maletic.


Thought provoking as always, Victor, thank you. Can’t wait to see what you figure out with the next generation of sensor equipment.

Victor, as always you’ve managed to capture the interest of the mailbox crowd… I would like to submit to you the idea of using a ‘ball switch’ in place of the reed switch currently used in the sensor, by doing so, all that needs to happen is mounting the sensor to the door (which when opened changes the physical orientation of the sensor thus activating the ‘ball’ switch) this takes the issue of magnet out of the equation.

by doing this you eliminate many steps and brackets etc. I did it and it works nicely, the advantages are no wires, no drilling. just mount on the door and it’s done

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Sounds good Big_monkey, do you have any pictures of your setup and supplier of the ball-switch?

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I will gather them up and post for you Victor

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