IFTTT and Motion/Contact Sensor v2?

It seems the Wyze IFTTT service isn’t able to display my v2 contact and motion sensors. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong (hopefully)? I only get my v1 contact/motion sensors and I’ve refreshed my Wyze service in IFTTT.


+1 for this. I was looking for this too. I can’t incorporate the new sensors in my IFTTT automations. So hopefully Wyze gets it added ASAP.


+1 here too. My old v1 sensors batteries died a long while back so was looking forward to having home automation (replacement batteries didn’t work out) back with the new sensors.

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Same issue here. I. Bought extra sensors specifically to trigger IFTTT routines. Is there a time frame that this will be up and running? Need this for motion sensors as well as contact sensors. With the V2 units.

Wyze support says there is no ETA for v2 integration… Disappointing. Doesn’t even sound like it’s being actively worked on.

y had it in version 1 and do not have it in version 2. I will start working with other companies products.

Same here. Very frustrating that they do not have IFTTT support for these V2 sensors.

I understand a company desiring that users buy into their ecosystem, but Wyze’s strength has been that it has been the best affordable way to make your own system. I hope this isn’t signaling a shift towards “encouraging” users to use their native ecosystem like most other companies do - by not supporting 3rd party system integrations

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Agreed. I would not have purchased the number of sensors I did, if they did not do what the version 1 sensors did. I had them automating light switches in my house, now with the version 2 this is gone. There was no mention up front that these sensors would not perform that way. They advertise IFTTT integration but it is a half hearted attempt if only some of their products integrate and a newer sensor does not when the old sensors did.

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I had the Wyze hub and a ton of sensors in my shopping cart. Was about to buy them until I found out that the v2 sensors aren’t compatible with IFTTT. Is that in the works?

My v2 sensors work with IFTTT now. Have been working for a while. They must have silently resolved the issue.

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No way! That’s great to know, thanks for sharing that! Feel like this info should be made more clear.