Smart doorbell without camera


First let me thank you for creating products that are great & extremely cost-effective!

Ive been looking for a smart Bluetooth doorbell and haven’t been able to find one without a camera… one day I came across Amazon Buttons and thought that would work perfect for my needs. Unfortunately, they’re impossible to find and maybe discontinued.

So then it dawned on me to make one! I used an old Insignia light switch (also now discontinued) as the case and button… took out all of the hardware but left the buttons… grabbed a wyze contact sensor main component… by passed the magnetic contact by connecting two wires to the Insignia button inside… and there you have it! A new product was born.

The wyze app registers the sensor as open unless the button is pressed, at which time for a second the signal registers as closed. I created a skill with my Alexa to ring and speak a phrase when the sensor is closed and we have a smart doorbell that announces! And… the wyze app also records a video to the cloud for me at the time the button is released because it registers as open by default.

You gus have all the technology already ready… it just needs a few minor tweaks and a slim case… can you make it happen?

They’re currently in the “researching” stage for a wyze button already in the wishlist. You’d probably have better luck voting for that also.

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