Doorbell - using existing chimes

I just got my video door bell and really don’t like that you have to use the little external chime rather than the existing doorbell. I am wondering if anyone has yet come up with a way to use a relay or some other device to activate the existing doorbell. This cannot be rocket science.


Just thinking out side of the box here. I used a wyze plug and relay to create a garage door opener. works great, all I had to do was turn on the plug when I click my Wyze Shortcut. I then have another trigger which simply says, if the plug goes on, turn it off.

To continue that thought, what if you put a transformer and plug it into a wyze outlet. then run the wires to your door chimes. Now when you the doorbell press occurs trigger the plug to go on, it then send power to the chime and triggers it to ring. you would have another trigger that says, if plug goes on - turn it off. Not sure how long the chime would need to remain powered, but I think it is a second or so, like a garage door. Not saying this will work, but looking for alternatives.

Like I said – thinking outside of the box. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a doorbell yet, waiting for them to become available. So I am not sure if Wyze has a trigger for the Press event of the Doorbell. If not, I believe Alexa does, from reading the forums.


I was thinking of doing the same thing for my garage door to open it remotely.

It worked like a champ for me…

My Father-in-law has a PI which does the same thing as my relay. I put it in the Wyze plug, which turned on the PI and then off. Garage opens and closes with the touch of a Shortcut in the Wyze App. Also note: because it is a shortcut, you can run it on the Wyze Band and I am sure the Wyze watch as well.

Relay is easier though. :slight_smile: