Wyze Switch and Wyze Color Bulb

I have a Wyze Color Bulb in a bathroom light/fan fixture. I have 2 Wyze Swithes to control the fixture (1 for the fan and 1 for the Wyze Color Bulb). The fan is setup with Single Press in Classic Control. The light (Wyze Color Bulb) is setup with Single Press in Smart Control to turn on the Wyze Color Bulb. The Additional Controls is setup for Double Press to turn the Wyze Color Bulb on in a teal color. If I turn the light on in the app to a bright white color, I can then use single press to turn on or off the bulb and it will remain bright white. However, if I double press, the bulb will come on teal. If I double press again, it does not turn off. If I use single press, it will turn off. Then if I use single press again (hoping for bright white) the light comes on teal. I have to go into the app and change the color back to white. I have gone into the settings for the bulb and tried changing the Power Loss Recovery setting from Maintain Previous State to Turn The Light On. It acts the same. The desire is to have a normal white light during the day/normal use but, if we use the bathroom in the middle of the night, double tap the switch for a softer light that is not as harsh on sleepy eyes. Is this possible?

I don’t have a Wyze bulb or switch, but you should be able to set the color and intensity in a rule when the switch is tapped.

I can set a rule for the Additional Controls. For the Single Press, I only seem to be able to pick a device.

Single press in Smart Control only turns a smart device on/off.

You would have to do something like move your bright white setting to double press and your softer light setting to triple press or press and hold.

Is there a way to set the bulb to a default for standard on/off? Kind of makes the single press useless because currently it just goes to the last state.


I have one switch with a color bulb set similar to what you are trying to accomplish. I have single-press set to Smart Control. I have double press set to turn bulb on daylight white 100% brightness. I have triple press set to turn on 50% purple. I turn on using double or triple press. I turn off with a single press.


You can create a Rule/Schedule to set default color/brightness for your color bulb based on time of day. If you’re not familiar with schedules, post details of what you want to accomplish for defaults with time values and I’ll mock it up for you.