Wyze Switch Smart Control of BR30 Bulbs

Wish: Add Smart Control access to BR30 bulbs for the Wyze Switch.

I didn’t see this topic when searching for the tags containing br30 or switch. It seems other in the Power and Lighting forum have expressed a similar desire. I was surprised to see that I couldn’t add the BR30 bulbs the the Smart Control feature of the Wyze Switch. I’m hoping a software solution can rectify this issue.

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Are you referring to the additional controls of the Wyze switch?

I.e. Double press Wyze Smart Switch to turn on a BR30?

Double, triple, and press and hold would be nice.

I mean Smart Control where the switch treats the bulbs in the circuit as being smart (WiFi enabled). Where the switch communicates to the bulbs about on/off state and other parameters. It seems that in the current version of things, the switch can only control the BR30 bulbs as if they are not WiFi enabled, so the switch uses its relay for On/Off. The Wyze Bulb Color has the Smart Control feature. I’m curious when the BR30 bulbs will be fixed to allow this function.

Gotcha, thank you!

Currently I see BR30 able to be setup under the “Additional Controls” on the latest versions of both Android and iOS.

However, the not being able to select the Bulbs for Smart Control in Single Press is a bug that has been identified and brought to the attention of the Wyze team. Hopefully we will see a fix soon.


This appears to be fixed now via server change.

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Thank you for the update @Seapup

And I can confirm… All of mine are now showing when I select single press, smart control, in the Wyze App

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