Unable to add Wyze Bulbs to Wyze Switch Smart Control

I recently added a couple of new Wyze Switches to my home to control several Wyze Bulb Colors I have in my dining room and other areas, but when I go to the options for “Single Press” → “Smart Control” → “Add Smart Devices”, no Wyze Bulbs or Wyze Bulb Colors show up in the list. All I’m seeing are V2/V3/Outdoor/PanV2 cameras and indoor/outdoor Plugs in the list.

Other Wyze Switches that I have previously configured still have bulbs attached to them, but they can’t add new bulbs either. The bulbs show up normally in the device list, and I’m also able to create Rules around them too.

I’ve tried restarting my phone, restarting the app, removing my bulbs from groups, and changing the order of my bulbs to the top of the list to no positive results. All hardware is running the latest firmware. My app version is Android 2.38.0 (b148).

Is there anything happening server-side causing this, did an app update break this, or am I missing something?

EDIT: It seems like this is a beta bug after working with R.Good on the Discord about it. Version 2.37.1 (PROD) doesn’t repro this, and it only affects the “Single Press” functionality (not the Additional controls). In addition, vacuums and sensors are also not selectable.

I’m on Android app version - I have the same issue. My switch actually randomly stopped working with the bulbs I had setup with it. For now I put the switch into classic control - but that is definitely not ideal.

My switch cannot see any of my wyze bulbs in my house. Pretty annoying that this could just break randomly after updates. Is there testing as part of the development process at wyze?

I am also having this issue on android. I cannot associate my Wyze Switch to the Wyze light bulb (does not show up in the device list).

I also can not see Bulbs when I switch to Single Press > Smart Control > Edit Connected Smart Devices, so seems something is amiss. @WyzeDesmond ?

Can you check to see if this is fixed now?


Hi. I checked this morning and both my light bulbs now show up in the list (Single Press options when associating a Wyze Switch. Thank you.


Back to working great! Thank you! :smiley:


Same here as the others. This is working today with b153. Thanks!