Wyze Switch - unable to remove bulbs from Smart Control

Now that they’ve fixed being able to add/remove bulbs from Smart Control on the Switch, I still have a problem with one switch and not being able to remove the bulbs assigned to it from before/during that incident. I can add and remove bulbs, but I can’t remove the ones that I assigned while I was trying to figure out the original problem that is now corrected.

This is not a reproducible problem. I’ve tried deleting the switch and the affected bulbs and re-adding them and even changed the names, but they all retain their previous settings including being assigned to the switch under Smart Control. I think this is due to the MAC address of the devices being associated with my account. Is there any way to delete them fully??

Also, under the Rules History, every time the switch is pressed, it produces a handful of duplicate entries, some of them are just one bulb and some have both bulbs. During the original incident, I was seeing 70+ rule entries and some of them showed failures for devices being deleted even though I re-added them back at a point. Now that the original incident has been fixed, the number of entries has decreased except for the handful of duplicates.