Wyze Switch - Out of Sync Single Press

I’ve configured Wyze Switches to control Wyze Color Bulbs under Smart Control. I also enabled additional controls and configured double and triple press functions. They alter the brightness and color temperature of the bulbs. These double and triple press routines seem to function just fine. The issue comes when you physically go to use the switch.

Steps to recreate the issue:

1. With the switch (unilluminated status light) and bulbs off: Double or triple press the switch. The lights will turn on as the rule dictates, but the status light of the switch will not become illuminated. The switch is now out of sync with the lights.

2. Now single press the switch as if you were to turn off the bulbs. The bulbs will not turn off, but the status light of the switch will now become illuminated.

3. Single press the switch again and now the bulbs should turn off.

You essentially need to single press twice to turn off the bulbs if you were to first turn them on by double or triple pressing.

Altering the rule by adding an additional action of turning on the bulbs doesn’t help. It seems the use of the double or triple press action doesn’t change the state of the switch, which cause the desync. The behavior can also be see with the app, as the ON/OFF state will not match actuality.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Any suggestions? This seems like a major issue, but I don’t see many reports similar to this situation. It might just be a configuration issue on my end.

Hey 3DprinterFriend.

I have experienced this and unfortunately there isn’t a particularly simple way to address this sync issue (should be a toggle in the device under the single press settings). BUT I have something to try:

If I’m understanding your setup, it sounds like you’re looking to have a single press turn off your lights. It’s not clear to me if anything happens if you single press from the ‘off state’ (i.e., switch is unilluminated and bulbs are all off) without having double pressed. If nothing is set up to happen when you ‘turn on’ the switch with a single press and you’re planning to use single press solely to turn off lights, I think I have a workaround for you.*

Try adding a new, regular device trigger rule. This will be entirely separate from any rules set within the switch settings (i.e. single press smart controls or additional controls for double, triple and long press rules). [For anyone reading this who doesn’t know how to do this, from the home screen, press the + and select “Add Rule”, then select “Device Trigger”. I’d name this rule something like “Switch sync workaround” but that’s just how I do it.]

With this new rule, for the “IF”, select one of the bulbs that would be on with the double press and select “Turns on”. For the “DO” portion, select the subject switch and select “Turn on”. What should happen is: double press, then bulbs turn on, then new rule makes the switch turn on (status light should illuminate). Then when you single press, it should turn things off as expected. This rule essentially performs your #2 from your description (great, clear description by the way).

If a different set of bulbs comes on with triple press, or long press, you’ll need to create another identical rule using one of those bulbs as the “IF” so the switch is turned on in any of those scenarios. If the same bulbs turn on but in different states (color, brightness, etc.) by double, triple, and/or long press, then you should only need to set the rule up once.

You’ll also need to set this type of rule up for any switch with this issue.

Hopefully this will work until Wyze rolls out a built in solution for this. Let me know!

*If your single press turns on a set of lights completely different from the double or triple press, then this solution is going to turn on the single press lights when you double or triple press and that likely isn’t a solution…at which point, I’m afraid there isn’t a workaround that I know of and you might just have to live with the sync issue.

Hello emumt.

Your tip about using a Device Trigger rule worked perfectly. Thank you for writing such a clear and detailed guide. Hope Wyze can make some improvements regarding the functionality of the switches. I especially want control the of status light of the switch. Users should be able to reverse the status light. I want to see the white light of the switch when the lights are off in a dark room.

Glad that it worked!

I like your idea on the status light change - I hadn’t thought of that and it makes really good sense! You should submit a suggestion to them. Seems like they could push that with a future firmware update. :crossed_fingers: