Ability to select "Classic control" and "Smart control" at the same time

Currently for the switch “Single Press” one of the two options can be selected: either “Classic Control” or “Smart Control”.
I need to turn On/Off the ceiling light (wired to the switch) and the table lamp (connected to Wyze plug) at the same time. The solution, so far, is to use rules or IFTTT.
I would like to request adding option to select both “Classic Control” and “Smart Control” at together.

Totally agree! I have a basement stair light and my basement lights, stair light is hard wired. My ifft won’t seem to trigger off of the switch, so I have two presses ties to the basement lights and long press to turn them off…it’s silly.

@celidoni @Ryan.H

You can do it utilizing a simple rule. My Switch is setup as a “Classic Switch” and controls basic lights in my office. However, to control smart bulbs, plugs, or other devices you can create a Rule and use the “On” or “Off” State as the Trigger. I just tested it myself and it works as expected.

Here is a my Rule to turn the Wyze Light Bulbs on when I turn the swtich on for my basic ceiling lights.