Wyze Switch - Status light and state in app should match state of connected smart device

I’ve just gotten a Wyze Switch and am loving it; but there’s one slight issue that could be fixed in the firmware… Anytime my lights (Wyze bulbs BTW) turn on due to, say, my motion sensor, the Wyze Switch status remains as off. In that case, if I want to turn off my lights with the Switch after they’ve been turned on by the motion sensor, I have to slowly press it twice (so I don’t activate my 2x press rule). This is getting just a little annoying.

So I’m asking for a feature in which the Wyze Switch monitors the status of the smart bulbs and changes its status in accordance with them. Lights go on for ANY reason? Wyze Switch should show as “on”. Lights go off for ANY reason? Wyze Switch status should update accordingly. Naturally, the status light should also follow the rules for this.

Hope that made sense! :slight_smile:

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Have you tried to build a rule to turn on the Wyze Switch (instead of the bulb) due to motion sensor? (I’m assuming the Wyze bulb is tied to the single press on the switch.)

I love that idea! I hadn’t even thought of it…

I’ve just done that, but one issue still remains: what if the lights are turned on via my Google Assistant or Alexa? Then the issue persists… So I’m remaining steady on this issue. I would really like this to be implemented into the Wyze Switch firmware so that people don’t have to ask about it or even have to think about adding the rule you’ve suggested.

Good thought though!

In this case, I suppose it’s not as natural to say, “Alexa, turn on living room switch.” Although that does also work. LOL.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that the switch should match the state of the thing or things it is controlling, so I like the feature request.

I have this same issue. Unfortunately, telling the device to turn on the switch isn’t a great solution as the bulb’s dimming function is used quite frequently and turning the switch on/off would be a detriment to audio control being natural and easy.

Same issue. Very frustrating. Another approach would be for the switch to send a TOGGLE command to the bulbs / load, (btw that’s what the doc says they do, but they don’t).

Updating switch status when the connected device (while single press is set to smart control) changes status

When single press is set to smart control, and only one Wyze lamp or one Wyze plug is selected as connected smart device, the status of the switch is not being updated when the connected device changes status by pressing hardware switch (on Wyze plugs), or by a rule, or schedule, etc.
For example if a Wyze plug is selected as connected device, and the plug is switched off by pressing the button on the plug, you can see the plug is off on the app, but the switch shows it’s still on.
If you can make this change, any regular switch can be used as 3-way switch. You just need to select the same plug or bulb as connected device in both switches.