Wyze Switch Status Light ON when Switch is Off

It would be nice to have the status light on the switch to be on when the switch is off. That way in a dark room, do you know where your switch is the turn the lights on. Currently you turn your lights on in the status light turns on pretty useless in my opinion because you know the lights are on, so I need a status light to tell you that.

I think this would be a great enhancement to have this option available.


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My Z-wave switches allow me to choose when I want the status lights on. They also work flawlessly, without the need for the cloud/internet.

Yes I agree, I have Z-Wave exensivly through my house, but this is in a metal building that is to far for my Z-Wave to reach. There is WiFi in there and that is where I have my Wyze switches.

Welcome to the forum @Floydster.

There is a similar wishlist item out there for this request, and is showing in progress. Which means, it’s being considered and worked on. I have no idea of a timeframe but it is in a positive status. If you haven’t already give it a vote!

Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t (yet) have any of Wyze’s Switches, but what @Floydster is describing is the behavior I get from my Kasa Smart switches, and it makes sense to me (especially seeing them in the dark). I voted. :white_check_mark:

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I also use YoLink switches which have very long range (1/4 mile). They have different light when on or off (orange when off, white when on). I have the YoLink hub in my house and the switches in my shop about 200ft. away.

Thank you for pointing out the item. I up voted out. Figure it is a pretty simple code adjustment.

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@WildBill thank you for the suggestion, I’ll have to try that out. I wonder if the signal will be good enough going through a metal building. WiFi will show signal and connect, but you can’t get any data through. But since you are getting 200ft, I only need like 30.

My shop/barn is a metal pole building and it works fine.