Wyze bulb - return to previous state after shortcut / rule trigger

Love the bulbs, have 8. Would love to see in shortcuts option for return to last state. So if bulb is only on at night via a shortcut, but you want it also to turn on a Max brightness during motion event, it would return to previous state, either on or off depending on the time of day.

Hi Bob,

I’ve got a similar question. I use my bulb at the bedside to read with a ‘soft glow’ each night, but then use a rule to have a bright white light come on in the morning - which means that when that switches off it is bright white when I turn it on again that night.

Did you ever get a solution?



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I agree. I have a rule that after sunset and before sunrise (aka at night) if there is motion detected from a particular outdoor camera, it will turn on the lights, and set a particular color and brightness, and then after 5 minutes another rule to turn off the lights. I would like a return to previous state option, so that if I’m in the room at night with those lights on, the motion will still trigger the lights to change color/brightness to let me know about the motion, but the trigger to turn off after 5 minutes wouldn’t kick in. The rules in general need more if-then-else-except coding in them to let customers better control what happens. Like if motion detected, turn on light, set color and brightness, then after x minutes turn off light except if previous state was on, then return to previous state (power state, color, brightness). There is so much potential for this.


I agree. Currently I have 6 outside lights. They are set to a different color every night in support of a cause. I also have a rule set if the wife opens the front door to take her dog out, all the lights go to 100% white for 10 minutes. The problem is after 10 minutes they go off instead of to the previous state.