Bulb return to the previous state a set time after shortcut-triggered change

I discovered that when the bulb state is changed based on a shortcut trigger, such as a camera detecting motion, the bulb remains in the new state and the trigger is automatically deleted. So, basically the bulb can respond only to one triggered event. This makes triggered events associated with the bulb not useful. A wish list item is to add a time period during which the triggered state remain in effect and after that the bulb will return to its previous “default” state. This feature should also be applicable to the Sense motion sensor and contact sensor.
Here is another user asking for this feature:

You should be able to accomplish this by adding another shortcut using the opposite trigger. For example, for the motion sensor, the Becomes Clear or Has Been Clear For triggers. For contact sensors, the Closes or Has Been Closed For triggers.

Let us know if for some reason that can’t work for your use case.

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Thanks for the reply. True for the sensors, but the cameras don’t have a clear or timeout associated the detection modes. So, a camera detects a person, the bulb goes to full bright, then after a minute the bulb goes back to half bright. I can’t use another shortcut to do this.

That’s a good point and use case. I’ve moved this topic over to #wishlist. You can now vote for it by clicking the VOTE button at the top.

I have my bulbs go u to 100% brightness when I open a door and back down when it closes but I’d love to be able to add a wait 5 minutes then dim to 25 %.

I can see multiple uses for this on bulbs and the soon to be released switch. Possible more with motion and camera triggers…

Preset times would be good to start but a user provided seconds or minutes would be ideal.

Edit: I did find that the door sensor trigger does allow a wait time in it’s options. This solves my immediate issue but I still this a pause/wait command for general use would be amazing. So I am leaving this post up.

You may also want to hop over and vote for Add More Actions for Wyze Rules, which includes a proposed wait/pause action for shortcuts.