After powering up, turn off Wyze Bulb after it's left on for X minutes?

Is this possible?

Basically we have a lamp which most people use the “dumb” way, that is, they turn the power switch on and off. This means the Wyze Bulb is powering off, and then powering up again when the switch turns on. This works because Wyze Bulb is on by default after starting up.

One thing I’d love is that after the Wyze bulb starts up, it turns itself off after XX minutes. Say 30 minutes. That’ll mean if someone wants to turn the bulb back on the “dumb” way, they’ll have to switch the lamp off, powering down the bulb, and then turn it back on, powering up the bulb where it’ll default to being on. Then it should start the 30 minute timer again.

Is this possible? Any ideas?



Welcome to the community, @barenv. There are already two #wishlist topics on what you are asking about.


Can’t you just create a rule? If device on for 30 minutes, turn off.

Click on the three dot menu in the app to create rules.


That’s not an option yet. There is no “delay” or “after X amount of time” option.

Ideally, it would be either “if no motion is detected after X amount of time, turn off lights” or “turn on lights with motion, but automatically turn off if no additional motion is detected within X amount of time”

Any update on this? I would like my lights to turn off after 10 minutes of no motion.

Curious why this thread has run so long without resolution. Since the very beginning I have been able to turn off my Bulbs after x minutes of on. In my case I couldn’t do that as a group, but I just dropped back to turning off the group when an individual item was on for x. (Hall 2 is an individual bulb, Hallway is the group):