Wyze bulb shutoff time after trigger

I was able to create a rule for the backyard camera to turn on the Wyze bulb if motion is detected. The rule works, but the problem is that the bulb stays on once its trigger to be on by the camera. How do I make the bulb turn off after may be like 5 or 10 minutes after it was triggered on by the camera.
I poked around the bulb settings, but don’t see anywhere to set how long to stay on for. Any help would be much appreciated.

I believe currently the only way to do this is create a second rule with a trigger for ‘bulb has been on for’, but that will turn the bulb off anytime it has been on for whatever time you set it for


Hi there!!

Found a potential solution for you using triggers /actions from partner app IFTTT …

As ironic as it may be, there are no Wyze Bulb actions available in IFTTT, so you’d have to use pretty much any other brand smart bulb.