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Bulbs & Wyze Sense
•Add a feature where the Wyze bulbs flash on and off (like the Hue Lights has).
Example: When a Wyze Sense contact opens or motion is detected the Wyze bulbs can blink. Or if an Alexa/Echo timer goes off, the Wyze bulbs can flash. Hue bulbs currently have this feature and all I could find in the Wyze app is to turn the bulb on or off. A flashing feature would be great.

•Add a feature that tells the bulbs to “return to their previous setting” in addition to the current “on” or “off”.
Example: If my toddler sneaks out of his room I want the lights to turn on if they were already off (this function already exists), but when motion is no longer detected I want the lights to return to what they were before the original function happened. So when motion is no longer detected on my Wyze Sense motion detector I want the Wyze bulbs to stay on if I had those bulbs on before the event. And I would want the bulbs to turn back off if I had them off beforehand.

•Add an option within “Actions” that adds a condition such as “if it’s between these hours”.
Example: I have a Wyze Sense motion detector in my hallway that will turn my hallway lights on. I only want the lights to turn on durning the dark nighttime hours not when it’s bright outside also. Adding a “during these hours” function would be great.

Anyone else feel free to add more suggestions or helpful advice to this topic.



Submissions for the #wishlist need to be separate standalone posts so they can be curated and voted upon individually.

But that said, I believe all three of these requests are already in the #wishlist or #roadmap in some form.

PLEASE SEARCH the #wishlist and #roadmap categories BEFORE submitting a new #wishlist topic. Use these links to search each category:

Search Wishlist (enter your search word/s after #wishlist in the search box)
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Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.

When you find the existing topics, you can vote for and/or comment on them there. If you have trouble finding these, let us know and we’ll try to assist.

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I could not find all 3 of my detailed suggested mentioned in other posts. The closest I could find was someone suggested blinking lights (suggestion 1). I couldn’t find anyone else suggesting #2 or #3. Could you send me links to the other posts you referred to that address or duplicate my suggestions #2 and #3?

Surely this is more of a guideline and not a rule because one of the top wishlist posts is an ongoing list of suggestions for dozens of different IFTTT commands.

I’ve seen you’ve even commented on that post yourself.

As @Loki pointed out in their response, here is How To Use The Wishlist, which was posted by @WyzeGwendolyn, a Wyze employee. Any deviations from that by the moderators (who are not Wyze employees) are approved by Wyze. :slight_smile:

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Yes, sometimes topics with a very strong common thread are grouped together at Wyze’s request. This is done to keep the the commenting and voting most relevant to how the Wyze team wants to use the Wishlist to help map their future plans. In cases like the IFTTT topic, Wyze wants to keep all these requests together in one place. The Wishlist has gotten very long and complicated. Curating it is not an easy task. I ask for your understanding.

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#2: Bulb return to the previous state a set time after shortcut-triggered change (Found as the 2nd hit by searching Wishlist for “previous”)

#3: Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers - #7 by thenoblewoods. (Found as the 2nd hit by searching Roadmap for “schedule action”.) This one is a bit harder to find.

It is necessary to search both Wishlist and Roadmap. These used to be combined in one forum category, but we split it out a while ago to make a greater distinction between user wishes and those requests that are actually planned. Note that this particular topic is “in development”.

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We found that having the IFTTT topics separated out just fractured the votes and nothing was actually getting traction. So we put them together to make it easier for us to address and because adding more functionality to IFTTT may come with multiple options at once so keeping requests easy for the devs to go through is helpful.

There are VERY few exceptions to the one topic per post rule. With how diverse your topics are, it is better to have them separated so we can track the interest individually.


Fair enough. It looks like other people have suggested my suggestions already so hopefully it’ll gain traction.

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Thank you. Don’t forget to vote for the topics by clicking the VOTE button at the top of each. Also, adding comments that impart the importance of the feature or amplify/refine the idea is also helpful.

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