Wyze bulb can not back to schedule after rule is over?

Why my new bulbs are not returning to their schedule after rule is over ?
I have my bulbs scheduled to turn on/off from morning - afternoon.

But they also have one rule, when front camera notice person in front yard they turn red for one minute.

Everything works well except when one minute rule is over the bulb will turn off, will NOT continue programed schedule.

Is there any fix for that?

What do you mean “continue” their schedule? If your schedule is on/off at set times, and the bulb is instructed to turn off by a rule in the middle of that schedule, it will remain off until the next start command (at the beginning of your schedule). Are you meaning you want the bulb to turn back on after the blink red rule is over, instead of always defaulting off?

I would have thought that’s the behavior the rules would show, but it appears that’s not the case. I will do some experimenting.

Just tested, it returns to the last state after the blink action is complete.

no it does not go back to schedule. Back to schedule means it will continue to have light (which is differen from red color from rule number 2)

Can you send a screenshot of your rule

so i i have bulb scheduled to turn on with WHITE light in the morning and turn off at night.
Second rule that is created tells my bulb tu turn RED for ONE MINUTE if motion is detected trough front CAMERA.

It works with no problem, only issue is the bulb will NOT continuo with WHITE light after red light is over. It should continue with schedule until 9 PM


first pic is schedule rule. second pic is second rule created for one minute red light when motion is detected

If you include the turn bulb color to white in your morning and afternoons schedule then it should be white when it turns on for that. The color option sticks until it’s changed again. Should also be the same with the brightness setting.

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you dont understand. Scheduling from 9am-9pm works perfect, bulb is on with white color.
The problem is that during the day my WYZE CAMERA detect the motion outside and as for RULE NUMBER 2 bulb will change light to RED for ONE minute.

After ONE MINUTE of RED light the bulb will not have ANY LIGHT (it should continue with white light)
The bulb should continue its main schedule but its not doing it.

I have 5 bulbs and same thing if happening with all of them.
It seams that secontdrule (with one minute red light from camera motion) just stops ANY light after that

Thanks for providing more information so that the issue can be understood. It’s the “return to previous state” that you are looking for. If the “turn off for #minutes” need isn’t a deal breaker, you could try the “blink” action. I think once that is finished it returns to the previous state. I am not at home to triple check now.

But for the other thing that you are experiencing, there is a current wishlist topic for that. Give it a vote and comment with your experience like you expressed here to help it along!

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nah im done with this.

Returning all of them. Spent half of day for something so simple.

And it is not only issue with it.

If i schedule one camera to certain time to turn ON/OFF (all days) it will not start that schedule right away.
It will start NEXT day!
Lets say you schedule to turn on/off from 9am-9pm ALL DAYS .
And now is , lets say 3pm.
It will NOT turn on right away , it will do it next day!.

And second issue, when you program your bulb for rule/trigger , you CAN NOT preview color/brightness level on your bulb at the same time!
You will see what you did (color option,brightness) only when rule/trigger start!
And if you dont like that color then you have to start the process again!

wow Wyze cameras (i have 7 all with subscription) works perfectly but bulbs are way behind it.

Yep, that’s the logic for the rules. In your case, the way the logic works and the way the rules fire is “on at 9a, and then off at 9p”, not “remain on from 9a to 9p”. The actions fire at the start time of the rule, then if the action in the rule has an inverse or opposite action, those fire at the end time.

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dare888, I think you are not understanding how rules and schedules work. When a rule or schedule event happens, that is a single command to take some action. That rule or schedule may also have an action at the end time for that rule or schedule. The bulb simply does whatever actions come it’s way in whatever order they come in.

So, let’s say you have a schedule to turn on white at 0900 and off at 2100. You also have a rule to turn red for one minute and then turn off when event happens - in your case the front door camera detects a person. For this example, let’s say the camera detects a person at 1100. So here’s what happens that day:
0900 Light turns on white due to scheduled on time.
1100 Light turns on to red due to camera rule.
1101 Light turns off after one minute because that’s what the camera rule told it to do.
2100 Light receives a command to turn off - but it’s already off, so command does nothing.

Correct. Again, the camera will be sent a turn on command at 0900, and an off command at 2100. It is NOT sent continuous commands to turn on.


problem about this is you can not see the color/brightness you set until your rule start next day.
you can not choose your color preset and at the same time see it in real time how its looking at your bulb.

I have several bulbs from other companies and each of them allows you to see the color change while using your app to set rule/schedule

yes i understand it now.
It is not possible to continue original schedule after second rule interrupted it for one minute.
Well thats bad because this feature would add much more sense to entire wyze set up

The rule continues because as stated above, it’s only the “off” action left which will run at 9pm. You may not notice it fire if your bulb is off because it will tell the off bulb to turn off.

Sounds like a good wishlist item if it’s not already created!