Color bulbs revert to white after schedule

4 color bulbs are scheduled (using a rule) to turn on at 6 pm with color orange. This works okay. They are also scheduled to turn off at midnight and this also works. But then later that morning, for some reason, the bulbs all power back on but daytime white color. I manually turn that off and pursuant to the rule the color bulbs come on again at 6pm with the color orange, but the problem reoccurs next morning. Anyone experiencing this issue?

Do you have a scheduled rule for the above? If you look in your rule history at the time of those bulbs come on, does it show anything takes place? Do you have any Alexa routines programmed that maybe in play here? can you provide screenshots of your different rules and all the actions associated with it?

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I don’t have any other schedule rules. I have two shortcuts to turn a cam siren on or off. I don’t see where “rule history” is located. I don’t have Alexa connected to Wyze yet. The only schedule rules are
Front Lights On: Start time specified, no end time, all days highlighted, action #1 is turn on bulbs, action #2 is set brightness to 50%, action #3 is set color selection ff6800.
Front lights Off: Same as above except start time is midnight and only action is turn off bulbs.

From the home screen click on “account” in the lower right, then scroll down the menu to “rules history” which is about halfway down.

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I still don’t see it. Under “account” I have services, security, sharing, notification, firmware update, smart integration, RULES (but not rules history), Order history, Wyze support, App settings, About.

Choosing RULES just takes you to the normal list of rules.

I have version 2.25.22 of the Android Wyze app.

Looks like it was moved slightly. Click Rules then “history” should be a tab at the bottom.

I found it. Rules History shows October 26 12 am front lights off successful
October 25 5:30 pm front lights on successful, 12 am front lights off successful
and so on.

There is nothing in the history the last few days showing any errors. Yet this morning the lights were on with color white and I turned them off from the app. I don’t know what time the white lights turn on (after the orange lights went off at midnight)

Can you screenshot and post your rules/schedules for your bulbs?

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To add, and make sure all actions that are attached to said rule or rules are shown in the screen shot.

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I found the problem and it was not a rule at all. The problem was “sleep routine” and “wake up” was enabled. Having rules to turn things on and off but also other settings that do similar things is very confusing. Of course, this sleep routine did not show in the rules history. Thanks for all the help.

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