Wyze Bulbs - Alexa Routine - Doesn't update color temperature routine when off?

Hello Community,

I have a set of Wyze Bulbs in my living room integrated with Alexa and trying to schedule it so that even when the bulb is off, when I turn it on with a switch it will change to the temperature preferences based on the time of day via Alexa Routine.

Everyday Alexa sets the bulbs to warmwhite at 6AM and then to coolwhite everyday at 11AM.

However, If I turn on the lights at 6AM(initial setting), then turn them off. I found if I turn them back on at 12pm( or after 11am when they are suppose to be coolwhite) they remain warmwhite.

Is this due to the bulbs not able to receive its routine when it is off. Perhaps this is a limitation on its features?

Any recommendations or suggestions on this? I think it would be a great feature to be able to remember recent routines.



I didn’t realize the color change could be handled this way. Great question I also would like to know the answer.