Wyze Bulbs turning on and off at random

I have three Wyze ‘White’ bulbs running in my bedroom for the past year and a half, controlled by either Alexa integration or the Wyze Android app. One bulb is kept on at low power for most of the day, while the others are used intermittently. I have schedules set so they turn off and on at certain times (going to sleep, going to work, coming home, etc.)

After moving some things around in the bedroom, I had to re-sync one bulb, so I decided to swap the usually-on bulb for another one to give that bulb a break from being used so much. I also swapped the names in the Wyze app and changed the schedules to reflect the new bulb names.

Since I switched the bulbs around, they turn on and off randomly, at times that were not used in my schedules. I wiped the schedules from the Wyze app and made new ones. The lights still seem to turn on and off on some crazy schedule. (all on at 6:30pm, then off at 6:31pm, then off again at 6:34pm.)

I swapped the two bulbs back to the original lamps and renamed them to the original names, but they are still going on and off at random. What steps should I do to troubleshoot? Is unplugging them for a day or so and starting new schedules and bulb names going to help, or hurt them?
Thanks in advance!

Check rules history in account > rules > history.

You can click the entries in there to expand them.

I checked history, only the schedules I created show up, nothing since 5am today. It’s 7pm for me now, it was about 30 minutes ago when these acted up again.
EDIT: all three schedules that had gone off were to turn the bulbs off. At 6:30pm today, (30 minutes ago), all of the bulbs turned ON, and at full brightness, I used Alexa to turn off the two I didn’t need, then a minute later the remaining bulb turned off.

Can you send a screenshot of the rules you use?

Ugh, I’m an idiot, I just noticed that when I created, and edited these new Schedules I didn’t hit SAVE. They had the times I created the schedules, not the times I wanted and used as labels.

I’ll delete these and double check them in the morning. It’s been over a year since I last edited these, forgot to hit ‘Save’. Sorry about that.

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Ha, we all make mistakes :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes!

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OK, after two days of seeing what happens, the Back and Front bulbs come on at their previous state (brightness/color temp) at 8:00 am. (20 minutes ago) The only rules I have now are set to turn the bulbs OFF. I used to have rules to turn them on and dim at certain times, but I deleted those rules when I started seeing wacky behavior.

I did have a rule to turn only the ‘clock’ bulb on at 8am on the weekends, but again, I deleted that 2 weeks ago. No idea why the ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ bulbs are coming ON at 8am. I am willing to unplug the bulbs and plug them in later to start over with programming them if that may help.

I used to have Tasker and IFTTT running to boost phone volume so I would hear alarms and turn WiFi on/off, but I deleted those apps yesterday. I have no other automation software or devices running, aside from my Amazon Echo Flex.

Screenshots of my Wyze app, in a Google Photos album

I have upped to your forum trust level so you can add those photos to your post instead of an off site album.

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Can you verify you don’t have any routines enabled in alexa?

Does anything show up in rules history around 8am when they turned on?

If no on both of these, delete the bulbs from the app and set them back up please.

Hey, got busy yesterday, couldn’t really post until today. I also decided to see what happened Monday morning at 8AM.

Guess what, at 8AM, all of the lights came on. They are all ‘yellow’, or sunlight- warmer color temp, and I know I set the ‘Front’ bulb to be at maximum cool white last night.

I checked the Alexa app, no routines showing. (just a big + with the message Create Routine)

Thanks for upping my trust level. I didn’t even know I couldn’t upload 9 screenshots at once, but I figured it was easier to just put them all in an album and post the album link rather than spam a bunch of app screenshots.

Without another thing to check, I will be unplugging them and then re-enabling them in the Wyze App, and renaming them with a - dash or something.

How long do I need to power-off a Wyze bulb before it forgets everything?

Wyse history shows the 5AM all- off rule being the last thing that ran. I unscrewed my three Wyze bulbs from the fixtures, left them for about 2 hours, then screwed them back in and reconnected them, calling them One, Two and Three. The icons for the lamps were remembered by the Wyze app. Alexa voice integration still worked.

At some time between 11am and 2pm, all three lights came on. I have since unlinked my Alexa account from Wyze, and deleted all rules from the Wyze app. Will see what happens at 6:30pm tonight and 8am tomorrow morning. Rules History still only shows the 5am all - off rule as the last thing being run.

Try factory resetting them. Delete them from the app first.

OK, Nothing crazy has happened yet since disabling Alexa integration, unplugging my Echo Flex, and resetting them (basically unplugging for a few hours then pairing them again with the 3x on/off reset.)

I’ll reconnect the Echo Flex and reconnect Alexa to Wyze and try voice commands again, and see what happens at 6:30pm and 8am tomorrow.

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