Bulb randomly turning on

For some reason one of my bulbs is randomly turning on at night, like 2am or 3am. I did delete and add it again and same thing its happening. Its in my kid room so its a problem when it goes on at night.

What should i do?

what kind of base it is it? a ceiling lamp? desk lamp? etc…

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Maybe it is in vacation mode? I would check it and see.


dang it. I didn’t think of that!!! good form sir.

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Its desk lamp, no its not on vacation mode.

Lamp is connected to a wyze plug that works between 8pm and 6am and lamp is triggered by door (Wyze Contact Sensor)…is it to many things going on?

I don’t think there are too many things going on, but if there is even one power glitch the bulb will turn on. This is so people can use them as normal lights. Do you have any power issues at your location?

I dont think so, no power issues or light flickering.

This did happen once few days ago with with another light that is also connected to another plug and gets turned on by the same door sensor, but only once in the last two weeks.

do you by chance have an older home? its a shot in the dark, ( light bulb pun intended ) but knob and tube wiring is more susceptible to power fluctuations that might be able to affect the bulb.

and as simple as it seems ( occams razor) I would make sure the bulb and wall plug are both secure and aren’t being shaken about by movement of someone in the bed, such as the frame moving the plug in the wall when someone shifts their weight.

It is 20 years old, so definitely not new. I will check in the morning how tight connection is, did not think of that at all.

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Hoping if it’s only 20 years old it isn’t knob and tube wiring

no, you wont have to worry if its that old. you won’t have knob and tube.

Bulb went on 3:56am this morning vs. 3:29am last night, I did check connection and they are secured and no one was shaking it…

Any ides on next step for troubleshooting?

do you have another lamp you could put it in?

keeping it plugged into the same wall outlet in the same room.

if you were to do that and it continued I would then move it ( in that second lamp) to another room. if it does it again the only variable left is that it is the bulb itself, doing it and I would in that case reach out to Wyze for a replacement.

by doing all this you will have ruled out the lamp being used and the wall outlet.

does your rule history within the app show that a rule is being executed by chance?

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Do you have a teenager sneaking in or out? Ha

To be clear, you have a dumb bulb and a Wyze Plug, right? I don’t have the plug, so I’m not sure if it shows the event history. I do have the bulbs, and if there’s an event history for those, I can’t seem to find it. But you can definitely see event history for the contact sensors. Are they showing anything at the relevant time?

You can find Rule history by tapping on , account then Rule History

It must be a Wyze bulb since he added/deleted it from the Wyze app.

I don’t have the Wyze bulb (I’m waiting for it to stabilize, seems there are too many issues) but what I don’t get is, why pair it with a Wyze switch? Isn’t the whole idea NOT to have a switch?

Yes, i can try another lamp tomorrow, although last night light (bulb) did not turn on, I have been looking at the rules log, it was never executed.

No, issue here is that light bulb has been turning on at random for the last few days around 3am.

You said earlier that the lamp is attached to a Wyze Plug. Are you saying that you have a Wyze Bulb in a lamp that’s connected to a Wyze Plug? Or is it a regular dumb bulb?