Bulbs randomly going offline

No rhyme or reason, Wyze lightbulbs randomly go offline. Two of the lights are in the living room, within arms reach of one of my 4 Nest WiFi units, on a fiber data connection.

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Three other bulbs within the same room are online just fine, as are numerous other bulbs randomly throughout the house. There’s been no power outage or power fluctuation.

All of my bulbs, cameras and plugs are updated to the latest version, so has nothing to do with that.

It’s pretty frustrating, especially when my wife went to bed after me, and attempted to tell Google to turn off all the lights. Assistant said “I’m sorry it looks like (fill in the random Wyze bulbs here) aren’t available.”

At that point, she was livid, because she wanted to go to bed, but did not want to leave all the lights on!
She is not as tech-savvy as me, so she resigned herself to going to bed with the lights left on. I heard about it this morning!

What gives??

What kind of fixtures or lamps are the two problems bulbs in? Are they on dimmers? ( If so make sure they are on full power).


Same issues here. Everyone wants to blame router. Only wyze bulbs are an issue. 50 other devices spread over 3 access points rock solid.


It could be many things, I usually go after the fixture first.

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One light is in a ceiling fixture. I have the light switch locked to the on position with a small plastic thing that keeps us from accidentally turning the power off. No dimmer.
Two other lights are in upright lamps. No dimmer. I wrapped electrical tape around the knob on the lamp underneath the shade, to keep us from turning it off accidentally.

This morning, when I launched my morning routine via Google Assistant, she said the clarinet was not available (that’s one of my lamps mentioned above).
I opened the Wyze app, and indeed, the clarinet showed offline. I went about feeding the pets, and then I checked the app again, and the clarinet showed as back online! Nothing had changed.

I predict tomorrow, another random light will suddenly be offline, and the clarinet will work just fine. It’s baffling! I love these bulbs, but when the stuff doesn’t work as expected, I’m in the doghouse with my wife! :crazy_face:

This is the nature of the beast. Welcome to wyze!

I’m in the same situation minus the wife factor. Lol


My first question would be do you have these random problems with every bulb or is there one that always works. My second question would be what type of fixtures, recessed, exposed, metal housing, etc.

For instance when I got my first 4 bulbs I had one that would constantly go offline. So I swapped bulbs and found that whatever bulb I put in that fixture would disconnect. The fixture was a ceiling fan that had a metal enclosure, aiming the fixture 1" from where it was fixed the issue. It had not gone offline since.

I also have a bulb in an outdoor fixture, this bulb is attached to a smart switch that gets turned off by a daily routine. Every day when the switch turns on the bulb reconnects in about 2 minutes.

There are some defective bulbs out there, but contrary to what some say these bulbs work and tiny changes in environment can mean the difference between it working or not. That is why people ask about routers and placement, literally 1 inch meant the difference between my bulb working flawlessly or not at all.


This one is currently offline and the most prone to failure.

This one is online but was dead a few hours ago. Both bulbs in a plastic box with ceramic base.

Distance on both about 15 to 25 feet max from access point. Wifi on phone when standing by bulb 4 or 5 of 5 bars.

I have 23 Wyze bulbs, in everything from ceiling fan sockets, to standard lamp fixtures, and the occurrence of being offline has happened to almost every single one of them at some point or another.
And of the lights I mentioned with recent issues, I have had them work flawlessly for months on end.

Happy to continue troubleshooting, and looking for a root cause, but up to this point, I can’t locate one!

I WILL say, that despite these issues I am seeing, I still love these bulbs (and my 7 cameras, and my 10 plugs, and my Scale, and my Thermometer!).
I’m a Wyze guy! LOL

Worth noting:
At 7:30 this evening, my evening routine kicked off with Google Assistant. Every single Waze lightbulb (listed in the routine) lit up as advertised! See what I mean?! It’s so random! :crazy_face:

Same issue here. 3 bulbs in ceiling fan offline. Bed lamp across room wold fine.

welcome! Are they in a dimmer switch or anything in the fan? Make sure they are set to full power.