Bulbs (and plugs) STILL randomly going offline - reliability reputation in question

Creating a separate thread from this one, as this is a separate, yet ongoing infuriating issue.

I have 4 bulbs and one Wyze plug in the garage. Tonight, when I attempted to turn on all 5, Google Assistant said two lights were not available. Please see the attached - the two lights that did not come on, showed as ON in the Wyze app, yet two of the 3 lights which were on, showed as OFFLINE in the Wyze app! Insane.

I have a SUPER strong signal on a fiber connection, with a Google WiFi unit within feet of all 5 of those Wyze units. I have Nest cams on the outside of the garage that NEVER have an issue with connectivity or reliability.
In my previous post, the issue was with lights inside the house.

All devices have the latest firmware update. I ensure that happens all the time.

I have 26 bulbs, 12 plugs and 7 cameras, and lately reliability is out the window. At a loss as to what to do.

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IMHO if you notice that all the products are Made In China, I had a plug early on that I returned that should tell you something. I no longer purchase any items whether from WYZE or not that are made in China! [mod edit]

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Same. I’m about done with the Wyze experiment. Was great…for 2 months.

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The inexplicable behavior continues. This morning, when I did my usual morning routine with Google Assistant, she said there were several (Wyze) things that were unavailable.
Looked at the Wyze (beta, mind you) app, and random bulbs and switches showed as offline. Some in the garage (right near a Nest WiFi unit), some in the house (also very very close to another WiFi unit), back porch bulb… just randomly all over the place.
Checked my WiFi and my Nest Mesh connection. Stellar throughout the house & garage.
Then I noticed my garage door camera showed offline, yet when I tapped on the camera, it was functioning just fine! Live stream, able to play back video - yet the status in the list view showed the camera as offline! WTH?

Additionally, I have a Wyze Sensor for my garage door, and 5 lights in the garage are set to turn on when the door opens (and turn off 5 min later). I took out trash this morning, and everything worked fine. THEN, about 30 min later, I went into the garage, and asked Assistant to turn on the garage lights (I wasn’t opening the door, I just needed to get something in the corner and needed to see well).
This is what happened:

It goes without saying, I am heavily invested in Wyze. But this unpredictable behavior is absolutely infuriating. I am a software product manager, and am quite familiar with troubleshooting and root cause analysis. And I have to say, Wyze has me baffled with this crap.


This is why I have usually have second camera facing a similar direction and dont use the bulbs or plugs in areas I need important functionality incase the wifi or product fails. As far as the reliability goes and these being tech products I can’t imagine the competition works 100% flawlessly. Wyze is the only smart home product brand I have besides some Google nest speakers. Anyone else have any experience with other brands reliability?

I also have 5 Nest cameras and a Nest Hello doorbell camera. They never go offline.
The balance of my gear is Wyze, so I can’t compare to anything other than Nest…

Never had any technical issues with the nest products? I’ve heard of the thermostat that the cloud servers have gone down a few times for hours at a time.