Wyze bulb not following schedules

Since the app update for turning on/off lights based on sunset and sunrise I have eight (8) bulbs that are not working reliably. In seemingly random patterns, they either do not turn on or turn off. This has been getting worse. Last night only one bulb turned on/off per schedule (it operated ok the day before). On one occasion one of my bedroom Wyze bulbs did not turn off on schedule. I turned it off on the app. I awoke at 0300 to find the light on. When I opened the app that bulb icon was ‘Off’. I tapped the icon to “On” I then tapped it again to "Off’ and it turned off. I spoke with Customer Support this past Tuesday for 1 hour and 52 minutes. We did a factory reset on all bulbs that did not solve the problem. Interestingly, when I did a factory reset one bulb in my living room it remained bright white, but an adjoining light bulb in a different lamp (that had not yet been through the factory reset) was reprogrammed to default setting. The Customer Support agent said “that was weird”.

Is this the White Bulb or Color Bulbs. I have found that the Color Bulbs are more reliable where as the Original White Bulbs were experiencing issues where one bulb out of a group of two or more did not come on or off.

I now have all Color Bulbs and have not experienced the same thing. At least not of late.

I did order the new White Bulbs in hopes it would be more reliable.

Thank you for responding. These are the white bulbs. Circa 2019.
Customer Support sent me an email of what needs to be documented for each bulb, and the warranty is only good for one year.
I am glad you have not experienced issues with the color bulbs. Since my troubles began after the software update Wyze should replace my bulbs without restrictions. They should take these bulbs back in order to evaluate what has gone wrong. I doubt I am the only person. I do not see myself investing in any more Wyze products if they do not stand behind their products after software updates create problems.

Yea, I decided to switch mine to the color and have been happy with them. I also ordered the new version of the White bulbs as there are a few area’s where white is all I need. I also Beta Test the new FW and Apps, signed up to do this. So having extra products helps.