Wyze Motion trigger for Hue bulbs to ‘Return to State’

I’ve got a few Hue routines that slowly turn my patio light to 100% at sunset, then dim to 5% where it stays through the morning. I’d like to turn the bulb to 100% when Wyze motion sensor activates, then return to the same state prior to motion.

I can automate the first part easily with Alexa or IFTTT. My challenge is returning the Hue bulb to its previous state after X minutes. Alexa or IFTTT only let me set a ‘static’ setting after the time duration.l, e.g. On, Off, 5%, etc. There is a Hue Labs routine that does allows for ‘Return to State,’ but it’s only for Hue-brand motion detectors.

Any recommendations?

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