Does wyze plug turn on or stay off after power loss?

If a wyze indoor smart plug loses power, then when the power is restored, will the plug turn on or stay off?

Does it depend on whether the plug was on or off when the power was lost?

The smart bulbs have a power loss recovery setting, of Turn On or Maintain Previous State, but the plugs don’t have this option.

I found a similar post, but the answer was “Only once did my plug fail to reboot when power came back on”.

But does reboot mean that it turns on, or just that the plug connects and is “online” so that it can be controlled by rules and by the app? The answer is not clear to me.

Good question. Testing now…


It maintains the previous state!


Thanks - I tried this with 8 smart plugs:
4 Wyze indoor smart plugs - 2 that were turned on and 2 that were off
2 Amazon smart plugs - one on and one off
2 Slitinto dual plugs - each had one plug on and one off (opposite sides)

I had these plugged into power strips, then turned off the power, waited about 2 minutes and then turned the power back on.

The results are that everything but the amazon plugs came back in their prior state. Both Amazon plugs did not turn on after power was restored.

I also confirmed at all 8 plugs came online, and could be controlled by their appropriate apps, and could be controlled through the Amazon Alexa app after power was restored, showing that they booted up and connected to wifi and to the appropriate app fine.

Thanks for the confirmation on your side too.

There is a discussion thread in the forums here, that the Wyze indoor smart plugs are not reliable enough to be trusted to reconnect after a power loss, but this test seems to disprove that opinion.

Are there any other reliability issues that people have reported? They seem fine to me (except for the local schedules running 1 day late that I reported in a different thread).