Wyze smart plug offline

I have several Wyze Smart Plugs controlling lights in my home.

One of them went OFFLINE recently. I tried to bring it back online by going to the app and cycling the power. But it would not switch from ON to OFF thus recycling and restoring the WiFi.

My Smart Plugs VERY rarely go OFFLINE but I thought the idea was to go to the app to switch it OFF then Back ON to put it back online. In this case I had to unplug the Smart plug for 5+ sec then plug back in to get back Online. What am I missing ?

That is the procedure if the smart device plugged into that plug (like your cam) goes offline… But if the plug itself goes offline, there is no amount of app magic you can perform to restore a plug to an online status.

There are only two possibilities that may bring any device back online: (1) Reboot the Router; and (2), power cycle the device (unplug 30s or cycle the circuit breaker).

With a plug, option 2 means pulling it out of the wall for 30s.


Thanks for the refresher on Smart Plug functionality. I knew that at one time but my brain cells leaked that info I guess. Lol

Next time I will try rebooting the modem and router. I can do that remotely (at least with the router). May have to have the internet provider reboot the modem though if I’m away from home.

Thanks again SlabSlayer

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I’ve restarted my router and recycled the Wyse plug, but still cannot get my Wyze plug back online. Other Wyze plugs and devices are working fine.