Power Loss Recovery options for Wyze Plug

I have put together an alarm system for our tenant and I need to keep it as simple as possible for her.

I have one Wyze plug plugged into another one. The one plugged into the wall outlet (“system plug”) controls the system with “ON” and “OFF” shortcuts. The second plug (“alarm plug”) has a rule “when door sensor opens alarm plug turns on.”

Problem – If I accidentally trigger the alarm, I use the OFF shortcut to turn the system off. The next time I turn the system plug on, the alarm plug is already in the on position, so the alarm activates. But it takes 1-2 minutes for the alarm plug to connect to wifi after turning the system plug on. So I can’t turn the alarm plug off for 1-2 minutes.

One possible solution is to allow the user to define what happens to the plug when the power to it goes off:

  1. Plug retains current state
  2. Plug reverts to opposite state
  3. Plug goes off
  4. Plug goes on

Another is a battery in the plug to maintain wifi connection even when power to it is off.

There are probably lots of other solutions that I’m not thinking of. Thanks!

Would love this!

This is the perfect feature between those in the house who like smartplugs and those who don’t. Having a power recovery option of turning again will be really useful.

Would be nice if similar setting used on the bulb existed on the Wyze Plug. For example, I use my plug for controlling a few lamps, can you add the Power Loss Recovery setting to the plug as well?

Having Vacation mode would be nice as well. As indicated above, I use them for lights.

Found a solution for this particular application - see Eliminate delay for Wyze Plug to connect to Internet

On the Wyze Plug page it says “Wyze Plug also “remembers” its last status so if you turn the switch off the Plug will return to its previous state when power is restored”

I want Wyze Plug change it’s status to ON whenever power is restored.
If the Wyze Bulb is in the OFF state, turning the connected light switch off and on, will turn the Wyze Bulb to ON state. I’d like the same functionality for the Wyze Plug.

I would like a feature that allows you to choose the power on or off state of your Wyze plug upon power loss/restore. I think would be incredibly Handy to designate which she would prefer it to be. As it stands it defaults to whatever the last state was. For example. If your plug is on (Powering a device) and it suddenly loses power. When the power comes back on, your plug turns the device plugged into it back on. Or stays off if it was off before the power outage.

This is usually perfectly fine as the last state is prefered. However today I experienced an issue that I hadn’t considered with my computer. And having the option to designate the last power on state of the Wyze Plug would be very handy to prevent it in the future.

For example…
Today my power flickered in my apartment and then went down for several hours. Long enough for my back up battery to run out of power after 2 1/2 hours that my Wyze Plug and Computer are connected to.

I use my Wyze Plug to remotely power on my computers in my Apartment. (Its a BIOS setting to restore computer to last power state upon power restored.) Which means I can turn the plug off while the computer is powered down and then turn the plug back on. Which then causes my computer to power on.

This is very handy for turning your computer on remotely or when you’re away from home and need access to it.

Normally this is not a problem since my back up battery helps prevent sudden power loss and thus preventing my computer from turning on or off suddenly. But today the power company was having issues that caused the power to keep turning on and off every few minutes.

The reason this was a problem was because my Wyze Plug was On st the time of power failure. And wind power was restored it kept booting up my computer up too. Having the option to set the plug to last “power state off” would have prevented the computer from booting up and has prevented any potential issues upon sudden power loss again during the flickering.

I hope I’m explaining this clearly. I know it seems a little confusing. I would personally prefer that it didn’t default to off upon power restore. Because somethings I want to come back on when the power comes back on. But somethings I don’t want to power back on when power os restored. Which is where having the option to designate what it does would be handy. If this is not achievable then keeping it as it is now is fine.

To summarize a recommended feature:
Wyze Plug User Controlled Last Power State Option in Settings.
(Power State Upon Power Loss/Restore)

Power State Setting 1: Default - Maintain Last Power State.
(If the Wyze Plug is on and powering a device is that is plugged into it. Then it shall maintain doing so when the power is restored to the Wyze Plug and vice versa)

Power State Setting 2: Power Loss to Wyze Plug switches Wyze Plugs Connected Device Outlet to Power On.
(Thus powering on whatever is connected to the Wyze Plug).

Power State Setting 3:
Power Loss to Wyze Plug switches Wyze Plugs Connected Device Outlet to Power Off.
(Thus maintaining power off to whatever is connected to the Wyze Plug).

I have one of my Wyze plugs on a backup battery UPS as I use the Wyze plug to turn me computer on. And I have one on my other UPS that I use but my Internet/network devices. The reason why I would like to have a chosen power state after power lost is because one day I lost power for so long that it completely drained both of my back up batteries. Normally normally this isn’t such a big deal. The problem I ran into was that The power would come on for a couple minutes and then go back off causing a constant charge and discharge of the battery. Which in turn caused a constant power on and off of my little low power Intel NUC I use for network storage. It kept booting up after the UPS battery would get power. Then lose power again. I would’ve rather it just stayed off. But because I had my Intel NUC on a Wyze plug (for remote power starts) it kept booting it up and losing power.

And what made the situation worse is that because you needed access to the Internet I could not turn the plug off. Because the Wyze plugs runoff the cloud. And unfortunately even though my Internet usually doesn’t go out when there’s a power loss. Apparently the power loss that was happening with the company was affecting my internet provider too.

Another option would simply be allowing users to not need to access the cloud in order to turn their plugs off and on. Maybe a base station or software they cab run on their home network. It’s one of the downsides about purely remote for cloud processed services. In the event you lose Internet you can’t turn your devices off and on.

It was a unique situation that had me thinking about bugs in my set up that I didn’t think whatever happened or had never crossed my mind.

I would also love to see this feature added. In my daughter’s bedroom I have a wall switch that turns a specific outlet on and off. But due to how I have configured the furniture in the room, the location of the outlet that’s connected to that switch is very inconvenient.

Ideally I would like the switch to turn on a floor lamp that I have plugged into a different outlet in a different part of the room. Adding this feature could allow me to set up a rule that detects when the outlet has power (the switch is turned on) and that would trigger a second Wyze Plug to turn on. That way I could flip the wall switch and turn on a lamp that’s connected to a different outlet entirely, even an outlet in another room.


I have two situations that both need the ability to fail to OFF. We have our OPEN signs on our restaurant business hooked up with Wyze switches and we have an “Alarm” that announces the delivery of a special product to someone dining in our restaurant. When we lose our power, we cannot have these 2 systems coming ON for the duration of the time it takes for our router to reboot and connect to a server to see what the previous setting was. I’d rather they defaulted to OFF in both cases, at least until they can connect to see what the last setting was.

+1 for this: would like to be able to use the plug in a switched outlet and default to ON when power is restored.