Eliminate delay for Wyze Plug to connect to Internet

I have shared an issue previously and have now found a solution. I put together a simple alarm system. I had one Wyze plug plugged into another one. The one plugged directly into the wall outlet (SYSTEM PLUG) controls the system with “ON” and “OFF” shortcuts. The second plug (ALARM PLUG) has a trigger “when door sensor opens ALARM PLUG turns on.” The plugs are not readily accessible.

Problem – If I accidentally trigger the alarm, I use the OFF shortcut to turn the system off. The next time I turn the SYSTEM PLUG on, the ALARM PLUG is already in the on position, so the alarm activates. But it takes 1-2 minutes for the ALARM PLUG to connect to wifi after turning the system plug on. So I can’t turn the alarm off for 1-2 minutes.

Solution – Instead of putting the Wyze Plugs in series, I put them in parallel. I rewired the duplex receptacle that they plug into so that the 110V neutral wire goes to the hot slot on one of the outlets, and the hot wire goes to the neutral slot. Now one Wyze plug is switching the neutral wire and the other one is switching the hot wire. On the output sides of the Wyze plugs, I put single blades into the hot (smaller slot) of each of the Wyze plugs to connect the alarm. Now both plugs are always connected to Wifi and respond instantly. See attached picture for details.