Sensor doesn't trigger when opened, but does when opened second time

I am putting together a very simple alarm system. I have one Wyze plug plugged into another one. The one plugged into the outlet (system plug) turns the system on and off, The second one (alarm plug) has a rule “when sensor opens alarm plug turns on.”

When I open the contact sensor, the alarm plug should turn on, but nothing happens. If I close the sensor, then open it a second time, the alarm plug does turn on.

If I take the system plug out and plug the alarm plug directly into the outlet it works fine. I don’t understand why having the system plug ahead of the alarm plug prevents it from working as intended.

Thanks for any help you can give me! Gabe

Great minds think alike! I just did this same exact thing in order to work around the fact that routines cant be batched together for “all off” or “all on” which would allow arming of the system without the double smart plug.

You need to have wall outlet, arm disarm plug, alarm plug, siren. Your routines need to run to the alarm plug. Your arming and disarming should occur through the arm disarm plug. Lastly, when system is armed by turning on arm disarm plug, you must allow about 2 minutes for the alarm plug to be powered up and brought online (note I said powered up, not turned on). Once the alarm plug is powered up and online, it can now receive your routines to sound the alarm!

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Awesome; thanks! That did it.

@mesinger412 - hope you can help me again, I ran into another problem. Situation - I accidentally set off alarm, so I turn the disarm plug off with a shortcut, Later I turn the disarm plug back on with a shortcut, but alarm plug is in the on position so the alarm goes off! But I can’t turn the alarm plug off because it isn’t online yet. Any work arounds? Thanks!!!

Did the same thing two nights ago. One option is, if the plugs are accesible, to unplug the assembly, plug the siren plug (the one the siren plugs into and that is triggered in a break in) into an outlet directly without your siren plugged into it. Reset it to off while disassembled. Then, reassemble the plugs and siren. Now, once arm/disarm plug is turned on, power up position of siren plug will be in OFF position.

Thanks again, Unfortunately the plugs aren’t readily accessible. I’m thinking to add another shortcut to kill the alarm before shutting off the system. It’s not as elegant of a solution as I would like, but I think it will work. I’m trying to keep the system as simple as possible for the tenant who lives in our separate little apartment. What do you think?

The other option would be to turn on the arm/disarm plug, allow the siren plug to come online and the siren to therefore sound. Then, once it is online, turn the siren plug off. This accomplishes the same thing as the previous method, with the caveat that you must allow the siren to sound for a few seconds.

On another note, one thing I’ve been considering is a delay in the siren sounding. With Alexa, when trigger occurs like contact sensor opening, you can tell her to wait a certain amount of time before then turning on the plug with the siren. She can even be programmed to say “alarm activating in 10, 9, 8, 7, etc…”

Thanks again. I don’t have Alexa and I’m trying to keep the system simple. It would be great if Wyze had a time delay on shortcuts like it has on triggers! I’m going to ask the community to brainstorm other solutions with me.

Solved this problem! See Eliminate delay for Wyze Plug to connect to Internet