Avoiding Wyze plug time delay to connect to wifi

I have put together an alarm system for our tenant and I need to keep it as simple as possible for her.

I have one Wyze plug plugged into another one. The one plugged directly into the wall outlet (SYSTEM PLUG) controls the system with “ON” and “OFF” shortcuts. The second plug (ALARM PLUG) has a trigger “when door sensor opens ALARM PLUG turns on.” The plugs are not readily accessible.

Problem – If I accidentally trigger the alarm, I use the OFF shortcut to turn the system off. The next time I turn the SYSTEM PLUG on, the ALARM PLUG is already in the on position, so the alarm activates. But it takes 1-2 minutes for the ALARM PLUG to connect to wifi after turning the system plug on. So I can’t turn the alarm off for 1-2 minutes.

Attempted solution - I created a separate “KILL ALARM” shortcut to turn the ALARM PLUG off without turning the system off. However, I’m concerned my tenant will accidentally trigger the alarm and just use OFF instead of KILL ALARM. Then we’re back to the problem of the alarm triggering for 1-2 minutes the next time the system is turned on.

Any suggestions to make this a more foolproof and user friendly system? Thanks!