How to turn bulbs on and off with just the switch

I have not seen a clear question / answer to whether it is possible to just turn the bulb on and off with the switch in some way. If it is out, is it possible to do something to get it on w/o triggering the wifi setup and get it to go on?

If the switch turns it off, you are done till you go back and turn on the power, understand that. But want to turn it won w/o the phone for non englightened folks in the house.

Yes, the Wyze Bulbs behave like normal light bulbs and turn on when the light switch is flipped on:


Hi, Bam. I’m talking about the light bulbs only in this case, and they’re in a fixture on the ceiling. I have not investigated the plugs yet.

I realize with any device like this if you de-energize the supply to it, not only with the light or device (in the case of the plug product) go out, but the remote control is now disabled.

I’m after the case of someone having the power on, not turned off by the physical switch up line, but the light is off, so energized, but off. I want to just walk to the physical switch and do something to make it come on. It has power, but the Wyze system has ordered it to be off.

That is the problem with this system that there is only the app to interact with the bulb, or such as the google home automation.

Older automation systems had wireless switches you could integrate in, and be able to turn on and off lights remotely as well as using computers (old pre cell phone app), to control them.

This system is nice but takes away the simple approach when the light is in the off state, but still has power.


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oh I’m sorry. I think i confused this with a plug topic I just spoke to someone about. my apologies.

as for the case you laid out, using a wall switch, turning it ( the wall switch) off for a second and then back on will turn the light on. the only slight issue I would see he is that unless you use the app to turn it back off you would have to use the physical switch again and that would remove the ability to control it from the app as it would have no power to it.

sorry again for the confusion on my part.


That’s what I wanted to find out. I figured something like this, but it didnt do it, so I may have to play with it.

I just didn’t want to have some sequence of toggling or such put into the wifi pairing mode, though if I had time, I could just re-sync it.

My wifey’s problem is after I turn it out with my phone prior to going to bed, or such, she doesn’t want to be in the dark fiddling with another phone to turn it back on, just wants the light on so she can get her snack or whatever.

thanks for pointing me that way.

I hope to find a plug to play with too, but am a tiny bit leary of having a plug device I could overload. We’ll see about that.

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glad to help. :slight_smile:

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