Dual Switch Wall Plate



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Thanks for posting!!! The only question I have looking at the plate mounted on the switch is, have you tried to mount it yet? It looks like the plate will be sitting out about 1/8th of an inch from the wall because the Wyze switch mounting plate is so thick hence the thick snap on plate. Thanks!

This is exactly my result with adding the wyze switch to a standard dual gang box with cover. (not decora). I came here looking for a solution! Switch mounted to the wall, then cover plate screwed to the switch…

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So is there an actual solution for this? As @halloweenman 's pic shows, the Wyze Switch is too thick for a standard “screw on” wall plate. As in the OP’s pic, I have a dual switch with the standard screw-on plate. Would like to replace one of the switches with a Wyze Switch but don’t want the “crooked” wall plate result with one side sticking out away from the wall. And I’m guessing that even if I found a “Decora” snap on plate, that while it might work on the side where I would install the Wyze Switch, it wouldn’t work with the existing standard flip-switch? I’ve been holding off on buying the Wyze switch until I know that there is a cosmetically acceptable solution to this problem, so I don’t have one on hand to experiment with. Hoping that someone else has already solved this problem.

Thanks for the write up!

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Nice one! I won’t to go to far Off topic but must share cause of your pic as I was just here. I was totally :nerd_face:ing out.

I have yet to have an opportunity to install, but will soon. I have a 3 gang single pole group and will try with the non-decora plate soon and report back.

Alright team, so the 3 gang I wanted to replace today gave me some challenges due to how that area was originally wired (3 single pole switches that someone got fancy with), so I will have to come back to that at a later time and I went to something that was a little more “standard”.

While not exactly what the OP was asking I wanted to share my results with the non-snap on plate with the Wyze switch.

As you can see there is a bit of a gap, but this is not different that the other covers in my home (see below). Could be a situation of textured walls (which I am not a fan of) but not unacceptable to me by any means.

For those getting gaps I would say make sure the drywall around your box is as clean as possible and that you try to get the wires into the back of the box as clean (don’t just shove them in pressuring the switch to push them back) as possible. so you can get a tight fit with the switch to the box without stressing one side over the other, these seem to be able to flex a little.

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Your single switch plate situation looks plenty good to me. Gives me some hope that a duplex switch plate like the Decora may work ok. I just checked online and see that my local Home Depot stocks the Wyze Switch so I guess I’ll have to head over there tomorrow and pick one up and see if they also stock a suitable duplex wall plate with one standard switch opening and one large rectangular switch opening.

Ok team. I am sorry to say that the Eaton modular covers I recommended above do not work with the Wyze switches. Now this is not what I would use for this scenario, but since I had them and suggested as a possible solution I wanted to give it a go and they were a no go.

The tabs that connect them together simply do not have enough room, and try as I might you cannot gap the switches enough to make the room and also fit over the rocker.

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And for the grand finale… or at least for now. The 2 gang with an eaton double rocker premium plate.

Fits like a glove, no gapping in this location


Seems it’s just because they’re deeper cupped plates?

Found a site that has hard to find switchplate configurations. They also sell oversized and deep set switch plates for difficult situations. Expensive, but worth knowing about.


Hi, it looks like R.Good’s “Eaton premium” deeper? plates work. I can’t seem to find them everywhere. The plates used by holloweenman is a definite fail. I guess a lot depends on how the electrical box is mounted too. If it is inset a bit then some carving would make a perfect fit with just about any plate. The switch box that is flush with the wall doesn’t leave any option but a deep plate if you are lucky to find one.
It would be great if all who had to install the switches in a ganged box report back what brands worked and didn’t work. It would save us all a load of time and a drawer full of useless plates. Thanks everyone!

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Got them from Lowes, Not sure if they all carry the same products.


I just mounted my Wyze Switch and used a Leviton wall plat that I picked up at Home Depot where I also bought the switch. Worked perfectly. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-White-2-Gang-1-Toggle-1-Decorator-Rocker-Wall-Plate-1-Pack-R52-PJ126-00W/202059769

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The Short: I don’t think wall plates in general differentiate heavily in depth “off the shelf” unless specified, I think the bigger factor is in the fit and finish of the wall and the cut and finish of the box.


I actually have an abundance of wall plates that I have collected over the years. This because I do a lot of painting, tiling, just DIY stuff when the mood strikes and that often calls to change outlet and cover colors. So, I lined a few up them up the other night just to see if the depth was different. Without pulling out a micrometer they all looked very similar.

I also compared the Wye provided plate with a different smart switch manufacturer, and the other manufacturer’s were much deeper to the eye, their locking mechanism was also different which may be the reason why.

Being the way I am, (a little OCD) I could never put a squared edge cover plate on a switch in a house that has all beveled plates, so I have never used the provided ones

PSA: Once you replace some plates with screwless versions, you may start seeing every other plate in your home, and your relatives’ homes, as hopelessly primitive eyesores.

A small thing but almost subconsciously noticeable.

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And we’re back… Today I Went Monster Switch Bank in case anyone was interested in a Quad.

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