Normal Flip Switch?

Are there plans to create light switches that have a normal on/off toggle switch? I have some areas that have 3 switches together in a row and I’d like to replace only 1 of the switches to a wyze switch. The only configuration there is now is the flat, wide version that comes with its own face plate, and cant be used in a normal switch face place. Users can only replace a single switch. If there are 2 or 3 switches in a row, one must use a standard switch or a different brand of smart switch.

Although not a real solution, you can find wall plates with different configurations for mixing some switches. I had a similar issue and decided to use z-wave switches instead.

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Thanks! Ill look into those (if you are happy with them)

They work well, but it’s a whole other environment. I’m running SmartThings for the z-wave stuff, plus Wyze, Kasa and YoLink. So you need to decide if you want that added complexity. The alternative wall plates might be a better choice if you can find what you need.

Here’s an example:

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I’ll take a look at those as well. Im trying not to have additional Apps to control this stuff. But if I gotta, I gotta. I appreciate everyones help!

They are all around. I have a number of different configurations of switches in my home

Leviton 80421-W 2-Toggle 1-Decora/GFCI Device Combination Wallplate

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