Switch plate options for Wyze Switch in 2 and 3 gang boxes

I’ve not yet purchased the Wyze Switch but I would like to. For my needs I would like to install Wyze switches in 1-, 2-, and 3-gang boxes. I would like to see availability of 1-, 2-, and 3-gang switch plates for those types of installations.

Or will something like this work with Wyze switches? 3-gang switch plate example at Home Depot

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You might find this useful (or not!)

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Lots of switch plates here, including hard to find

The other post indicates that the switch plates won’t fit flush to the wall with the Wyze switches. Is there some new info?

I don’t know of any new info but it looks like some people have kinda solved the issue , I don’t yet have a switch so I have no first hand experience

I disassembled mine, I see that fitting behind standard Decora plate was almost accommodated. The design saved cost by using plastic mounting tabs that are thicker and non-standard. I did find I could carve the back of Legrand - Pass & Seymour wall plates to accommodate, and the Wyze design had switch plate screw holes present. I have not tried it in the wall yet. My photo shows the switch plate before I carved off the riser around the screw.

I was able to mount my switch in a multi gang configuration and had no problems with a standard switch plate cover fitting.

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Jon, Thanks for the pic. Do you have any idea of the brand or model number of the three way switch plate in your picture? Thanks and Merry Christmas

They make longer screws.

My note wasn’t clear, I meant carve the spacers of the flexible Legrand - Pass & Seymour plates which are easily cut off with a knife or sharp chisel. This creates the space needed for the thicker mounting tabs of the Wyze switch. This annotated image explains. The screw is then sufficiently long as-is.

Got it. Sorry.

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It’s an Eaton switch cover from Lowes. Hope that helps.