2.46 app Android Beta Test 10/3/2023

Can you provide a video of what you are seeing with the Filters.

Can you also try going into the filter screen, wait a few seconds and then select the filters.

I would also generate a log and post it here with the video and images. Wyze would need this to try and correct.


Happy to! I have submitted a few logs on this previously but I submitted another one. Log ID: 1193931

Here is the video showing the inability to select the person button at the top left of the events page and the inability to select the filters under the filter tab.

Unfortunately the video size is rather large so I had to chop it up, but upon seeing the page load I waited approximately 10-15 seconds to try any filters.

Thanks. That is what I needed to know.

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This is already a known issue to Wyze, supposedly being looked into.

Thanks. Not sure what is different. I also have Cam Plus unlimited. I had the issue when I clicked on filter too soon. But am not experiencing this at all, anymore.

Just updated to the new Beta App test release on Android 13 Moto G Stylus 2023.

  • All Event Filter quick buttons at the top of the events list work as designed. All selection check boxes within the Advanced Filters selection page work as designed. Cannot replicate this bug.

  • Events list is returning to the last selected spot in the time order after viewing a Event Video.

  • NOT FIXED: The VDBv1 is still not loading when selected from a group. It stalls at 1 of 3 and never resolves. Entering the settings and then immediately back to the Live Stream successfully loads the Live Stream, however the cam reverts to 480p. Previously reported in Beta round 1. Log file 1193972

  • NEW BUG: Cam Pan V3 - the Night Vision Conditions setting in the Advanced Menu is not saving a setting of “Dark” after the setting is mande and the app is returned back to the Home Tab. The setting always reverts back to “Dusk” when returning to the Cam Advanced Menu. Log file 1193974

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Just confirmed this as well. What was interesting for me is that I was in Dark prior to the update. The setting was in Dark and remained that way. I then went and set Dusk and it saved without issue. Well… Now I cannot get back to Dark. :slight_smile:

Log Number: 1194016

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Were you previously experiencing the event filter issue prior to updating the beta app?

What version were you on before updating the beta app?

No. I have never experienced this issue on Android. I previously ran all previous Production and Betas, including the 2.45 Betas and Production on an Android 11. Recently upgraded phones to Android 13 and ran 2.45 Production and both 2.46 Betas.

That is why I posted my phone model and OS version. From the isolated nature of the bug, it seems to only be affecting specific OS builds or specific accounts.

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I am experiencing the issue on the following devices:

• Android 7.1.1 Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus (TB-X704V) tablet
• Android 9 Moto X4 (XT1900-1) phone
• Android 12 Moto G Stylus 5G (XT2215-4) (2022) phone

After a recent app update, the filter issue appeared on all three devices. Weird.


@spamoni @SlabSlayer I couldn’t repro this issue with 2.46 beta b362. Here is how I make changes please see if anything I was missing.

  1. go into panv3 plugin → advanced setting
  2. switch between Dark and Dusk for night vision condition
  3. It saves the setting every single time.
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For doorbell in group. On my end it loads up in group automatically but sometimes keep stay on 1/3 if I click on it and enters the plugin. It seems to be the oppsite issue like you have. Could you please pass me a screen record along with the device log? We will check it out. Thanks!


Thanks @PanCamJeff @ashtonwalky We will take a look at this issue.


What I did was back out to the main screen and then went back to settings and Dark mode was not saved. Let me see if I can provide a video of it


If it helps I am running Android 13 on the Pixel 7

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  1. Enter Panv3 settings, advanced settings, Night Vision Conditions.
  2. Switch from DUSK TO DARK for night vision condition.
  3. Back to Advanced Settings, Back to Settings, Back to Live Stream, Back to Cam Group, Back to Home Tab.

If only going back to Advanced Settings, Settings, or Live Stream, the setting appears to hold when reentering the Settings, Advanced Settings, Night Vision Conditions. However, it will not hold if returning to the Group View or the Home Device List. Following the same path to the Night Vision Conditions will show the setting still in Dusk. Log File 1194551



Here is the Video of what I am experiencing and what @SlabSlayer is seeing:

Basically, I start the Live Stream for the Pan V3, then go to settings, Advanced. Switch from Dusk to Dark. Then Backout to the main home page. After which, start the live stream again, go to settings and advance and see if that the setting is back to Dusk. The Video shows it, you have to pay attention to the setting when watching the video.

This is happening on my Z Flip 5 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Log: 1194769

Note: I just got the change to show by making the switch, backing out to the previous Menu (Main Settings Page), then closing the app by swiping up. When I go back in, Dark is still set.

@SlabSlayer , can you try what I did to get Dark to stick. Curious if it works for you.

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I cannot replicate this. I changed the setting to dark and then closed the app by swiping up from the Night Vision Conditions page, the Advanced Settings page, the Cam Settings page, the Cam Group page and the App Home page. None successfully hold the Dark condition when the app is reopened. Log file 1194778.

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Wow, I seem to be able to get it to stick by Swiping up on the app on the Main setting screen.

I will play with it more. :slight_smile:

thanks for trying

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  1. VDBv1 loads Live Stream in Group with no issue.

  2. Open VDBv1 Live Stream UI, loading video stalls at 1 of 3. It doesn’t matter how long I wait, it will not load the Live Stream. I recently waited for 5m and it never resolved or timed out.

  3. Enter Settings

  4. Back out of settings back to Cam Live Stream: live stream loads thru 3 of 3, however the video is 480p

Log File 1194797

As you can see from the video, the cam is set for HD video. After coming back from settings, it reverts to 480p.