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This is a V3 cam from yesterday and today. Plays just fine.

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I just checked my 2 V3’s and it seems that they are now loading about an hours worth of events and properly playing it but after the initial load of events when it tries to continue down the timeline it gets stuck. This was happening previously before the thumbnail show stopped working altogether on my V3’s. Hopefully this is a sign that it’s being worked on!

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I seem to be having the opposite problem. The downloading of the events to the thumbnail (icon “filling up”) seem to be interfering with my ability to play events clips. They start to download but never complete so I can’t view them.

Restarting the phone seems to solve the issue for a short while.

This is a serious problem. Did Wyze push an update to the App without asking? Is there a way to roll that back on my iPhone? Really problematic!

iOS App, mix of V2 and V3 cameras, CamPlusLite user.

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The icon disappeared and my clips are playing again. More details at Event Thumbnail show - #12 by AnotherUser

Fwiw, I remember Wyze saying there are ‘dynamic modules’ within the app that may be updated without requiring a full app release.

This was initially released in the 2.46 App Beta Test almost 2 months ago


:ice_hockey:   Icing?

Yes, I was aware this was in a beta release but I’m not a beta app user. That’s why I was surprised when the feature just popped up (with concurrent problems). Maybe something got toggled on that wasn’t ready for prime time (and now has been shut off). Thanks for all the thoughts that have been shared.

Nope. Shot from the attacking zone.

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When a feature is tested in a Beta App, it is usually part of the Production Release of that App Version unless there are critical issues with crashing the app.

The feature was released within the 2.46 Production App update. It was turned on and announced as a New Feature during Wyze Week (week of October 23rd).

Not sure why you wouldn’t be seeing it now. I still have it in the Android Production App

It may be possible, based on the “Cam Plus” logo on the shot above, that they are now placing it behind the paywall?


I am having problems with the new feature as well. I assume WYZE is aware of them and working on them. I have (3) V3 pro pan cameras but only 1 of them shows any events on the new feature the other 2 say “No recent events in the past 24 hours” even though there are dozens of events on the event tab. This is on my Android phone. The other issue is on my wife’s IOS phone she sees the new feature icon to open the thumbnail view but there is no drop down at top to select a camera. Hopefully these are being worked on.

Another question … the thumbnail icon shows that it is “filling up”, does it ever stop and show as full or is this just an animated icon to get your attention to the feature?

Did you tap the down arrow?
I am using iOS 17.1.1 and WYZE iOS app 2.46.1 (4) on my V3 Pro and have a menu of all my cams if I tap the down arrow. I have to scroll up on the list to see them all. All of my cams are on Cam Plus Unlimited.

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There is no drop down arrow. Same IOS and WYZE app version on 2 different users Iphone.

Out of curiosity, since we are all trying to figure this out without any published info from Wyze, are your cams subscribed to Cam Plus?

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Yes all cameras are subscribed to Cam Plus

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I looked around reddit, youtube and the wider web, but I don’t see that anyone has yet done a screen recording of the feature being given a brisk workout.

You :mirror: could be the first! :grin:

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Due to size restrictions of posted videos it is hard to film a brisk workout of the feature. here is a short one Froggie.


Ah, a teaser! Thanks, pal! :+1:


Plus… :sun_with_face:

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I didn’t see it mentioned in the comments when I went through them but is there a way to or is Wyze looking into a way to download the thumbnail show? It would be nice because I have a cam on the family guinea pigs and they are constantly moving - It would basically be a “time lapse” of sorts but only the first thumbnail of each event. Just (extremely) curious ;).
Thanks for any input!

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @dndfish! :raising_hand_man:

There currently isn’t a way, but it is a great idea. You can post your request to the Wyze official Wishlist topic for the Events Report feature linked above Event Report, Slide Show, & Timeline Feature Enhancement Ideas.

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