Event notifications

So wondering if it’s an app issue or something else. I have a galaxy note 10. I’m getting notifications that there is a motion even and I can see the thumbnail in my notifications bar. The problem is when I click it, it doesn’t open in the wyze app. If I go to the events page (I have 6 cameras with cam plus) that even is not shown there and I only see events from only 1 of the 6 cameras.
On a side note, through out the day the cameras that show in the events page are different. There are also times when I get notifications, but then events page is completely empty. Anyone know what’s going on?
Thanks in advance

Sounds like you have filtering on. Go to the events tab, then upper-right corner funnel next to the pencil. Now ‘Clear all’ in the upper right corner. That should allow all cams to be visible on the event page again.

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